My bologna has a first name. It’s Fred.

One more sign that you have boys living in your house:

You find THIS smiling up at you from your leather couch.

4 thoughts on “My bologna has a first name. It’s Fred.”

  1. Have any of you ever wondered like I have what the food in your fridge does when the door is closed or at night when you’re asleep? Well, now we know. This little guy partied a little too hard and didn’t make it back in. The secret’s out. The world may never be the same.

  2. On several occasions we have found apples with happy faces bitten into them in the sofa…hmmm

  3. My 2 yr old grandson ate his chicken nuggets into letter shapes a while ago. Mind you he didn’t eat the entire nugget, just that part that didn’t belong in the letter shape.
    It’s good to have happy food.

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