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I was procrastinating starting to shovel out this hovel I’m living in by checking out my Google Reader, when I read Amy’s Friday post at My Life as a Trailer Park Mom. She’s participating in the Say It Forward Carnival, sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom, where you thank a loyal commenter. And guess what? She featured lil’ ol’ ME! How sweet is that?

If you haven’t been keeping track of what’s happening in the Trailer Park, you should be. Amy is a hardworking mom of two girls who just starting homeschooling! She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve never ever met, and is the QUEEN of comments. She takes the time to read and comment on so many of our posts DAILY, which I know is time-consuming for her, but is SOOO appreciated by neurotic newer bloggers like me! Thank you, Amy!!

I want to “Say It Forward” now and thank another of my loyal commenters, Kellyn from The Fritz Facts. She is a woman after my own heart—a busy mom who works outside the home and tries to keep it all together. But you know what? She does it much better than I do! I really admire how she manages to see the bright side of life no matter what. I wish I could be that positive! She also has a great way of expressing herself simply and honestly, such as in this post about missing Boo, her daughter or this one about her son, Hunter, getting his braces put on. And even though she is mega-busy, she STILL is an extremely loyal commenter on my blog and has become a real friend.

What I’m REALLY excited about is that I’m going to get the chance to MEET Kellyn in a little over a week! I’m sure our mouths will be a blur!

So Kellyn, go get your badge at 5 Minutes for Mom!

And if you don’t already check in with My Life as a Trailer Park Mom or The Fritz Facts, you really need to. I promise they will make your day brighter!


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