My little computer geeks

My two youngest sons will either grow up to be the next Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin (Mom, they created Facebook. You’re welcome.) — or they’ll be on the FBI’s most wanted list for their computer hacking skills. It could go either way.

All I know is that I’m amazed at what they not only know, but what they just plain figure out when it comes to the world of computers. Their latest obsession hobby is Minecraft. First of all, I don’t know how they even learned about it. It’s only been released in beta since December, and it’s not like I let them hang out on underground gamer chat rooms or anything. And I really don’t get the game at all. It’s some sort of indie construction game, where they build structures out of cubes that represent different materials. And of course, there are monsters. As I said, I don’t get it.

But even though I don’t get how the game works, I have noticed how much problem-solving they are doing, both in the game itself and in, oh, I don’t know — figuring out how to create their own server. I didn’t even know that was possible. Now they not only have their own server, but they are also building all sorts of “mods” for the game so they can change what they don’t like about it. Oh, yeah, okay.

Well, in 6th grade I distinctly remember playing a mean game of Oregon Trail on the Apple 2E in our classroom. I got skillz too.

And they’re not only brushing up their computer knowledge, they’re also learning some cool concepts related to engineering and physical science. A couple weeks ago, Boy #3, a kindergartner, threw the word “gypsum” into a conversation and later explained how carbon is the basis of many different elements.

However, even though he is rocking Minecraft, Boy #3 may not have quite mastered the inner workings of the information superhighway yet, as evidenced by my favorite quote of the weekend. After stomping downstairs, frustrated because his game was freezing, he told his dad in all sincerity (and in his loud whiny/yelling voice he seems to be perfecting), “DAD! The Internet is WORE OUT!”

Apparently, it’s time to get a new Internet. I knew we should’ve bought the extended warranty…

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