My Mother’s Day Meltdown—And Recovery

After being saddened by the death of a good friend’s mom and the news of a local mom who lost two of her three children (ages 5 and 5 months) in a car accident this week, I was reminded just how fortunate I am to be able to spend this Mother’s Day with not only my three boys, but also my mom and mother-in-law as well.

And then I got really crabby when things weren’t going as planned after I returned home from church. It was one of those times when my mouth just went renegade on me, and even though my head was saying I should relax and be grateful for what I have this Mother’s Day, my mouth apparently reported only to my hormones and just let fly whatever irrational thought popped into my head.

Believe me, it wasn’t starting out to be a day that any of us would care to remember.

Fortunately, my head was able to re-establish control before I completely destroyed Mother’s Day, and we were able to enjoy a nice afternoon and evening with family.

What did you do for Mother’s Day? (Here’s hoping you didn’t start out being psycho like me!)

My dad nearly gave my mom a heart attack on Mother's Day when he started clearing the table on his own! Just goes to show a man CAN change, even after 70+ years!
Me and my mommy
Husband with his mom
My crazy boys love their mommy--sometimes, anyway! 🙂
My mom-in-law with her mom
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