My Son Forms His Own Militia Group

So yesterday, Boy #2 informed me that he wants to start his own club.

“Cute,” I thought. What kind of a club will it be? Pokemon? Soccer? Maybe stamp collecting?

What about a “Happy Hands Club” like in Napoleon Dynamite?
happy hands club

My mind raced back to my days of innocence, when in 6th 1st grade my best friend and I chartered an imaginary friends club. And then we’d ride our imaginary horses in the empty animal lots behind her house. Ah, those were the days (of nerdiness).

But, nope. Boy #2 wasn’t thinking of any of those kind of clubs. Nope. Not my kid. Know what kind of club my kid wants to start?

A weapons club.

“Where my friends can bring all of their weapons and we can practice fighting each other.”

Oh, yeah. Breathe in the innocence. Can’t you just smell it?

6 thoughts on “My Son Forms His Own Militia Group”

  1. Hunter wanted to start a club like that…it was great till he got knocked in the face by his then 3 year old sister. lol

  2. Did you remind him that, according to him, he already has TWO jobs (playing soccer and making people laugh…at the same time). So I just don’t think he can fit facilitating a 1st grade weapons club into his already busy schedule.

  3. Shades of the Fight Club.

    You’re a much more tolerant mom than I. My kids weren’t allowed to have anything that even resembled a weapon or had weapon-like capabilities. You see, there was this incident one day after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

  4. I remember when my brother was all about numchucks (sp?) and Chinese fighting stars. It must be a boy thing…one day when he is a dictator of a small foreign nation, you can proudly point to this moment and say, “This is when it all began!” LOL!

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