Not Your Typical "TGIF" Post

It’s Friday.

Yeah, I know. I’m supposed to be all “TGIF” today since it’s the end of the workweek and all. Well, please excuse me if I haven’t broke out the margarita glasses yet.

Why, you ask? (Or even if you didn’t ask. It’s my blog. I get to talk about what I want.)

Well, let’s see . . . For one, I haven’t been able to actually go to work this week because my van has been in the shop. So not only do I get to pay over $600 for the repairs when I pick it up today, I also get to look forward to a paycheck that may buy me a 6-pack of toilet paper next week. If I’m lucky.

Not only that, but Husband is leaving after school today on an overnight trip with his mathletes. (Yes, I said mathletes.) Which means that I get to look forward to shuffling three boys to two baseball games and a soccer game tomorrow by myself. AND I have to bring treats for soccer. AND I have to get ready to teach Sunday School on Sunday. AND the boys have done nothing but fight the entire week, even resulting in one bloody lip and one scratched-up face.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m pretty sure that Boy #2 woke up today with pink-eye? But since it’s their last day today, I sent him off to school anyway. (Yes, I AM available for speaking engagements at your local parenting group. Just in case you were wondering.)

I mean, does anyone remember what happened LAST TIME Husband was out of town?

So being the vindictive sweet wife I am, I’m going to post this video of Husband in the hopes that it goes viral.

Have a great trip, Hubby! I’ll miss you!

Image “Grumpy Bum” from stock.xchng

3 thoughts on “Not Your Typical "TGIF" Post”

  1. I love it. That was too funny and I was there in person. We will try to help a little tomorrow. Let me know what time would be best to be there to help. We have Dale’s retirement party tomorrow night but other than that we will be available. So sorry about van but I know how you feel. We finally got the Volkswagon back for the second time. Keep fingers crossed.

  2. Oh man…don’t leave them with the car keys this time…is it warmer out?

    Take deep breathes, it will all be okay.

    The van thing stinks. I hate when cars break, especially when they cost that much. Ouch!!

  3. It’s a bad month for cars. We had a flat tire ON EACH CAR in the span of one week. Bizarre.

    Hang in there and I hope you survive your hubbie’s trip! I’m a mom of two boys. Can’t imagine three!

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