Note to Self: Be Sure To Make the Kids Rehearse Their "Tricks" Before Trick-or-Treating Next Year

What was your kids’ Halloween “trick”?

You know, like doing a cartwheel or telling a joke…

Boy #3 told his version of a knock-knock joke to those neighbors who dared to ask him if he had a “trick”:

Who’s there?
Boo hoo?
See? I made you laugh!

Boy #2’s trick? Well, let me just tell you… It was a doozie.

Meandering up a sidewalk in our neighborhood, our path decoratively lit by orange lanterns, I stopped and took in the entire property, decked out in its finest harvest attire, complete with autumn swags, gourds, strings of orange lights, and . . . an Obama/Biden sign.

This is when Boy #2 decided to unveil his new “trick”…

As he walked up to the front porch, where our nice neighbor was sitting with a warm smile and a generous bowl full of candy, Boy #2 said (in his loudest voice):

“Did you know Obama’s not a Christian?”

Yeah. I wanted to die. On. The. Spot.

Mind you, I’m not an Obama supporter (in case you hadn’t already noticed), but I have never told my kids that, and I have NEVER said that I didn’t think Obama was a Christian! After the shock of what just came out of my kid’s mouth wore off, I asked him where he had heard that. From a kid in his class—of course! Those first-graders are such political junkies!

Nothing says “Trick-or-Treat!” like political propaganda, brought right to your doorstep by a six-year-old.

But, hey, thanks for the Skittles!


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