Note to Self

Next time you consider asking Husband to run to Target at 8:30 on a Tuesday night to pick up a prescription for you . . . think again!

He may just pick up “a little something extra.”

8 thoughts on “Note to Self”

  1. I’m jealous! I so want a Wii! But the way things are now, we’ll be getting one, when it’s no longer popular, lol. Enjoy!

  2. please tell me you got your prescription too!!! if your husbands anything like mine he would have only gotten the Wii!!!

  3. NEVER send your husband to the store.

    They are genetically incapable of just buying milk.

    It’s evolution, of course. The guy who only brought home one gallon of milk didn’t get to spread his seed as much as the guy with the Wii.

  4. You’ll love it!
    That is, until you constantly have to referee the fights amongst the 3children. Trust me on this.

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