OCD Has Nothin’ on HAID

I think I have a bit of a problem.

Husband called me on it the other day. He claimed I have the opposite of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He called it Half-Assed Impulsive Disorder.

You see, when I get really overwhelmed and feel like I have a lot going on, instead of picking a project and staying with it until it’s done, I start a new project. No, no, I don’t finish it. Just start it. Just spend money, time, and valuable brain cells hatching a new idea and getting it started . . . and that’s where about where it ends.

Take home businesses, for example. First there was Longaberger . . . then came Creative Memories . . . and now? I’ve got a basement full of scrapbooking supplies stored elegantly in expensive Longaberger baskets. Yesterday I finally took the plunge and took inventory of all that I have left so I can actually sell some of it and maybe recoup some of the money credit I’ve shelled out for it. Husband asked me for the grand total, but I haven’t had the nerve yet to actually add up the retail value. I think I’ll need to drink a bottle glass of wine first.

You’d think I would learn, huh? Well, don’t count on it. Toward the end of last week I was feeling very overwhelmed. School is starting this week, we’re trying to get our house all cleaned out to potentially sell, and I’m feeling broke. I am having major issues switching my blog platform to WordPress, I still need to find a sponsor for the Type-A Mom Conference in September, and I’m hosting a Lia Sophia jewelry party a week from today. Oh, and did I mention that my thyroid levels were low again and I’m anemic?


Open a shop on etsy, of course! No, I’ve not actually gotten around to opening it yet, just prowling around local thrift stores and bringing home treasures such as a vintage bowling bag, wooden statue of a hillbilly named “Willie” (I know that because it says so on his belt buckle), and retro blue argyle Thermos bottle. These things (among many others) are now cluttering up my bedroom and office while they wait for me to clean, photograph, and price them, which of course will have to be after I name my shop, set up my etsy account, and design a header.

And in the meantime, I have laundry baskets with clean clothes in the family room waiting to be put away, my kids’ school registration (which was due in July) in still sitting in my purse, and spiders are making their home among my scrapbook stickers in the basement.

I think I may need to see a shrink. Oh yeah, I guess I already do . . .

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7 thoughts on “OCD Has Nothin’ on HAID”

  1. You do NOT, I repeat, NOT need to be opening an etsy store. You need to have a big assed garage sale. Get to pricing girl and get an add in the Press Citizen for the 28th & 29th of this month. I've got tables to lend. Just get it gone quickly. You could probably finance your entire trip with this sale. Not to mention clean out the clutter.

    Don't argue. You know I'm right.

  2. I had a garage sale when we moved to Ankeny. I had a lot of Mary Kay inventory left. Needless to say I made enough $ to pay off the new dining room table and chairs and then some. If you sell it they will come. I think that I may need some creative memories things….

  3. This is my NEW, FAVORITE diagnosis!

    I can see a myriad of applications and I can't wait to use it.

    Now, if I can just get it into DSM-V.

  4. OMG. I think we are twins! I have almost an entire room full of yarns that I bought for crochet projects, talked my mom into showing me how to knit a couple of months ago – so now must collect every size and type of knitting needles to go along with all those crochet hooks and yarns… have tons of fabric and patterns waiting to be used… and I also plan on opening an etsy store! 2 years ago I started setting one up – and I've got a few things I keep meaning to list, but never quite get around to it… and of course I will need more than just a few things to make it worth while… oh well 😉 good luck to you!!
    btw: i think you totally hit it with the reasoning of being overwhelmed.

  5. I am with Jody…GARAGE SALE! No esty, don't do it. GARAGE SALEs are the best way to recoup the moneies you have lost in previous ideas. We made a TON at ours, and it wasn't even that large.

    Do it. Come on….you know you want too.

  6. You make me laugh…so hard! I love the diagnosis.

    I have been trying to get a garage sale together for a month. It's daunting. So now I have crap all over my basement. Maybe for your Etsy shop??

  7. Jody, this is why we're friends. I need someone to boss me around. My batting average with garage sales has historically SUCKED, but I'm willing to give it a try with you at the helm.

    The Mother, feel free to use the diagnosis wherever you see fit. 🙂

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