Okay, Seriously, Folks, What Do YOU Think???

What do you think of this Reuters photo of Sarah Palin?

Do you find it offensive?

Would the same photo ever be taken of Joe Biden? (Or McCain or Obama, for that matter?)

Putting your support of or disdain for Sarah Palin and/or the Republican party aside, what are your thoughts on the composition of this photo and the decision by Reuters to give it the “okay”?

What does this say about women in general?

You may already guess what I think, but I want to hear your thoughts before I spout off. Let me hear it!

Photo from FoxNews.com.

9 thoughts on “Okay, Seriously, Folks, What Do YOU Think???”

  1. There would never be a photo taken of Biden or anyone else running like that. There just wouldn’t.

    Do I approve of it? No. Not really.

    Am I surprised? No. Not really.

    Is she hot, bright, feisty gal worthy of the attention? You bet your sweet ass she is.

    I am totally aware that I have no idea how to spell … feisty. Did I get it right?

  2. And I forgot the “a” in between she and hot.

    So what? I’ve had too many beers. Like that’s never happened to you … at FIVE pm.

  3. As a woman, I get somewhat torn about these issues. In my gut, do I think it’s okay? No. Do I think some women make it awfully hard for others NOT to objectify them? Yes.

  4. The photo is disgusting for any woman, let alone a candidate.
    But what is truly disgusting is what has happened to the stock market and this economy. Those of us who are retired, who have lived within our means and invested in order to have funds for our retirement and to pass on to our children, don’t have the earning years left to recoup. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

  5. an iowa mom–I HATE it when I’ve had too many beers at 5 p.m. And I hate that it happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (Ha!)

    groovyteach–Great point! I think you’re definitely true in some cases!

    mom–Yes, the economy situation is horrible, horrible, horrible. I think it’s just awful what is happening to our current and soon-to-be retirees especially. But I still don’t like sexism–no matter who it happens to!

  6. I think they could have done without taking that photo. The media does take things to the extreme quite a bit. Look at the purposefully racist cartoon of the Obamas on the cover of the New Yorker. Yes, they said they were trying to make a point, but seriously. I think that things are tough all over, as far as the media goes. No one would want to shoot McCain or Biden that way because, lets face it, they are old and have been around forever, so really there is nothing intriguing there.

    As far as cheapening the fact that a woman is on the ticket this election, I have also been offended by Sarah Palin, herself, with her winking, and the like, during debates and speeches, which I think is totally unecessary, and makes me uncomfortable to watch.
    But I don’t even understand how a photographer would think that was an appropriate angle to shoot any woman in a skirt, except on a porn set. In bad taste, for sure.

  7. I agree with you that it’s offensive, sexual, and wrong.

    But then again, I wouldn’t want to see Biden’s ankles – they’re probably fat and pasty.

  8. I don’t like it. Regardless of what you think of her politics, she deserves to be treated by the press with respect.

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