One Last Backward Glance at 2009

One of the advantages of having a blog is that I can look back and recall things that have happened to us throughout the year. Because seriously, without the blog it would all be one big blur of scribbling on walls, dog poop, and overflowing laundry. I like to be able to get a bit more detailed. So with that, let’s take a stroll back through 2009 and see just what happened in the Boogers and Burps house. . .

January . . . Oh, yes, remember when Boy #3 and Nephew hijacked my camera, unbeknownst to me? What proud little criminals they were.

In February I attended BlissDom (which I will also be attending in a little over a month–Squeeee!), and I came back to this.

With March came warmer weather, along with the revelation that I had put on a few extra pounds thanks to Marie Freakin’ Osmond.

In April, Husband went to D.C. and left me at home with the boys, the dog, baseball games, and rain. And a good time was had by all.

I also celebrated my one year blogiversary! (I actually stuck with something for a year, amazing in itself!)

May came, and Boy #3 attended his first—and quite possibly last—friend birthday party.

In June, I helped with Vacation Bible School, where Boy #3 may or may not have become possessed.

July was entertaining as always at our small-town 4th of July celebration. There were floats. There were rusty rides. There was a chicken on a couch on the front porch.

August? Ah, yes. The Moochcation. Part I, Part II, AND a P.S.!

In September I tried to take two boys to the grocery store. How hard could that be?

And who can forget jury duty in October? Not me!

In November I attended the I_Blog Conference and was victim to an attack by “It Wasn’t Me.”

AND in December I learned true humility in the drive-thru lane at McDonald’s.

Thanks so much for jumping on the Boogers and Burps train this year! I am humbled (and a bit puzzled) by your faithful following!

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