Post-conference overwhelm (wrapped in simile)

This was me this past weekend at the amazing I_Blog Conference at the Historic Hotel Pattee in Perry Iowa.

absorbing all the great informationYes, I was a sponge, absorbing everything I could—ideas, information, names, URLs, (and food and beer). It was incredible.

But since returning home, instead of a sponge, I feel more like this guy:

Just lying there with my eyes open, staring out into the vastness of cyberspace. So much awesome information. So many amazing people.

Only so much room in my tiny brain.

So please bear with me while I, not unlike this lazy mandrill, work through my catatonic state.

The weird thing is, my hair doesn’t look much different from his either.

And I’m pretty sure we both smell.

I promise, I’ll recharge from my brain overload and post something of substance soon. (And, possibly, clean myself as well.)

Sponge Image by ratner

Mandrill image by Cholin

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