Pre-Conference Jitters (And Aches)

So, I’m laying in my bed at 9:52 pm on Friday night. There are no covers on my bed because my children have stripped them off in an alleged Pokemon battle. But still, I am laying here.

This was pretty much my day. My kids had the day off from school, and I had plans to get things done. Big plans. Well, at least plans.

And I started out on a decent note. I got up, showered, and went to my women’s small group meeting. I had a headache and was a little achy, but I worked through it.

But then I came home, and it was all over.

I have been horizontal for the majority of the day. And it’s hard to clean, do laundry, or pack for a conference when you’re horizontal.

Oh, yes, did I mention that I’m getting up bright and early in the morning to drive to the historic Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa, and attend the very first I_Blog Conference, which is the brainchild of my much more ambitious and organized friend Jody?

Soooo….still have laundry going. Still not packed. And it’s looking ugly for my head shot tomorrow.

Did I mention that I’m getting my picture taken?

Oh, yes, we are having head shots taken as part of our registration fee. Cool, huh? Well, it might be if I hadn’t already had an unexpected case of adult-onset acne flare up this week and now I’m not only blemished, but I’m pallid and have dark circles that would make the Grim Reaper envious. Oh, and my eyes are red and watery as well. Beautiful.

So I’m hoping I can appeal to the Photoshop gods to make me look like this:

I chose Sarah Jessica Parker because she is Husband’s celebrity girlfriend. She’d better never show up on our doorstep and give him the “Come, hither” look because I’m pretty sure I’d be yesterday’s news.

However, I know there are some things that even Photoshop can’t fix, and I fear that instead of looking like Miss Sex in the City, my head shot is going to look more like Kathy Geiss on 30 Rock. So if you see this as my profile pic next week, you’ll know why:

Wish me luck! I’ll be Tweeting from the conference, so follow me @pjmomof3boys!


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