Precious Moments at Vacation Bible School

This evening was Day 2 of Vacation Bible School. Our church is doing the Backstage with the Bible curriculum featuring the Go Fish guys. (They’re even coming IN PERSON for a concert on July 24! How cool is that?)

So anyway, I’m the “Tour Guide” for a group of seven preschoolers. Basically this means I get them to each station, help them with their tasks, and try not to lose them or let them inflict bodily harm on themselves or others for 2 1/2 hours. Whew! Do I need to tell you that I’m EXHAUSTED afterward?

One of my group members is Boy #3. I’m now thinking that having me for his leader wasn’t necessarily the best idea, considering yesterday he threw a fit and sat down in the middle of a busy hallway, refusing to move, and tonight he tried to get me to carry him everywhere. The boy will be FIVE in a little over a month (And despite what he keeps telling me, his legs work just fine)!

This little stunt, however, was the icing on the cake this evening. It was the end of the program—8:27; only 3 minutes to go! I had just spent the past 30 minutes dancing with overtired 4-year-olds; breaking up what appeared to be a mosh pit forming with wild-eyed preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders; and saying, “Turn up your listening ears!” until my voice was raw. Oh, and I had also been bled on when one of my girl’s scabs broke open. Did I forget to mention that?

We were bowing our heads while one of the VBS directors was on stage leading us in a prayer. She was thanking God for bringing all of these wonderful children together tonight to learn about how Jesus can cleanse our sins. She was asking for safe travels for all of the kiddos until the next time we meet. And all was quiet.

Until Boy #3, who was sitting on my lap, spoke.

“I’m going to send a message to the devil!”


I’m banking on the hope that God has a sense of humor. I’m pretty sure my eternal life depends on it!

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