Proof That I Don’t Make This Stuff Up

If you don’t already know, I’m in Ashville, North Carolina, at a blogging conference, Type-A Mom. (Which totally, rocks, btw!) Anyways, so while I’m here, life has to go on at home, and it is able to go on with a lot of help from not only Husband, but also Middle Sister and Mom. Today, Mom drove up an hour to stay with Boy #3 during the day. She decided to bring my nephew, C-Dog, who is 4 and is the cutest and orneriest cuss west of the Mississippi.

So what did I find when I returned from my relaxing night out on the town with my blogging buddies but an email from Mom telling me about their day.

And I just had to share, if for no other reason other than to prove that I absolutely do not make this stuff up. See, it happens even when I am hundreds of miles away . . .

Dear Paula,

Hope you are having a great time.

I had a great time today. The boys had sooooo much fun together. They played until about 10:45. Then we went to McD (the one with the play park). C-Dog had never been to one before…and boy, was he excited. They had a great time…and took a little time out to eat… a little. Middle Sister joined us for about 1/2 hr…which was good because during that time each boy had to go the bathroom. I asked Middle Sister if there was a park we could go to (the noise in the play park about drove me over the edge). So about 12:10 we drove to the park about 1 mi N of McD. And as we were driving there, C-Dog told Boy #3 to quit eating his boogers. Boy #3 said that they were his snack!! He told C-Dog to try it…which I’m pretty sure he did. Boy #3 said that he himself was out now, but by tomorrow he would have a bunch!! 🙂 I thought I would drive right off the road laughing…and they were discussing this seriously.

When we got to the park Boy #3 asked me “You’re really old, aren’t you Grandma?” I said that yes I am. He nodded and added, “Your face is bent.” (What a hoot. Bent is evidently his word for wrinkled 🙂 That was a wonderful park. We took apple juices with us….then later on the way home the boys finished their meals. 🙂

Anyway, the boys had a great time. We got back to your house about 2:30. Had an adventure with The Dog. I thought he was just sleeping upstairs when we left for McD. (He’d been running around earlier.) When we got home, I started looking for him…I soon became a–feared that one of the boys had just opened the door and he was “Free..Free At Last”. AND then I noticed that your bedroom door was locked. So I asked Boy #3 if The Dog was in your bedroom….well, yes he was because he had taken one of Boy #3’s toys. AND He had no idea why he locked the door. So I looked all over for the wire thingy to open the door. In the meantime Middle Sister called and I was telling her and she said they had one and she’d bring it over. She did and it didn’t work 🙁 So she got a credit card and opened that way….for your future reference…the credit card works. The Dog was just fine…probably had a much calmer day removed from a 4 yr old boy and 5 yr old boy 🙂 And didn’t see any evidence of spreading his essence in there.

We had a WAY good day…and even though Boy #3 and I would have had a good time….he and C-Dog had a GREAT day. It was so much fun listening to them play and talk together. At the park C-Dog told another little boy that Boy #3 was his super friend and his cousin!! I could tell that that little boy was jealous.

Have loads of fun….just had to share some good stories before I forget them.

Much love, MOM


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