Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

Due to technical difficulties, I am unable to bring you the blog I started writing last night. I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but the computer curse struck again! This time, it’s the cord. (Nothing is safe.) If you’re wondering if a three-prong plug will still work if one of the prongs breaks off inside the socket, the answer is–yes, actually, but a bit sporadically. Last night the amputated plug was just not able to pump out enough juice. (If you’re also wondering–yes, I’m pretty sure this is a fire just waiting to happen.) This is seriously about the 17th cord I’ve gone through; I think it’s a conspiracy designed to keep Steve Jobs in designer underwear.

ANYHOO, today, instead, I leave you with these photos to ponder, courtesy of my middle sister (momof2dancers), who happens to live right behind me. She sent me these photos while I was at work one day, sending a chill immediately down my spine. Yes, this is my house, with a huge, black, foreboding bird perched on top.

I’m pretty sure Edgar Allan Poe is buried under the foundation.

Would anyone else take this as a bad omen?

4 thoughts on “Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.””

  1. It wasn’t just ANY big bird. It was a vulture. Just had to clarify that!
    -Dr. Sprinkler, congrats on getting the Mrs. a ring. I can’t wait to hear what her reaction was. Also, what is your logo there by your name? I can’t figure out if it’s a flying wooden shoe or some sort of pelican.
    -Susizzle, you need a pic by your name. I am thinking it should be one of you with your favorite morning show weatherman…

  2. Thank you for the Schmoopy Mother’s Day story from yesterday! I was actually out (gulp!) exercising yesterday. pjmom–I would enjoy anything you may have to share on exercise and three children. My personal experience is that with three children exercise is almost non-existent, but as the weather was SO beautiful yesterday, I decided to push my dear daughter in her stroller for what was supposed to be a 30 minute walk/jog (I decided to alternate every block to keep it interesting). I wore a support bra and had my coat tied around my waist to cover my Texas-sized ass, but I’m still fairly certain a few passersby vomited from the scene of my floppy body experiencing this maiden voyage in public. Is it normal to have walk-jogged for what you are CERTAIN is half of the alloted 30-minute routine only to find that SIX WHOLE MINUTES is all that has really passed? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    As to the bird photos: was this before or after the $38 worth of cans were removed from your garage? If it was before, perhaps he just smelled all that “dinero.”

  3. Oh! I almost forgot! I also like the reading list you’ve posted. I always enjoy knowing what other people are reading. Thanks…I’ll add them to my list!

  4. nochickensinmyhair,
    I have been thinking about writing about exercise, weight, and momhood, so I will be sure to do that now. I can totally relate to the tying-the-jacket-around-the-waist trick–I too have adopted that fashion statement this spring, and I’m PRETTY sure I heard that it’s all the rage on the Paris runways…

    I will also add to my reading list. What I will also add is my “What I wish I were reading” list, because I seem to be always in the middle of about 15 books and never get to finish any of them, and there’s always a growing stack of books beside my bed patiently waiting for that special day when I will actually crack their spine…

    Thanks for commenting!!!

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