Rock on with the School of Rock

One of our family’s go-to movies is School of Rock. One reason is that the boys find Jack Black all-too hilarious. Another is that it’s just a feel-good movie about gaining confidence. And yet another is that music is in our blood.

No, neither husband nor I sing well—at all. But he has a love of music from all different genres, one that he tries to share with the boys, and my grandma was a music teacher and continued to teach piano lessons well into her eighties. I wish I would’ve inherited a bit more of her talent, but music and rhythm does come pretty easily for me, and I’m not ashamed to admit I was a band geek in high school.

Boy #1 took guitar lessons for a few years, and I was sad when he decided he didn’t want to continue. I would love to see him take it up again, and I hope the other two show interest in music as well.

Why bring this up? Well, I just found out about a great offer from School of Rock, the leader in music education for ages 7-18. They are offering one free week of music lessons at participating locations through October 31. They offer lessons in guitar, bass, vocals, drums and keyboard. No experience necessary; they have lessons for beginners through experienced youth.

And really, what kid wouldn’t want to attend the School of Rock?

The closest school to us is in Kansas City, which is about 3 hours away, so I don’t think we’ll be able to participate, but hopefully there’s a school near you! Check their website to see all participating locations. Use code: SORBLOG to get your free week!

Do you have experience with School of Rock? I’d love to hear about it! And please let me know if you participate in the free week!

Rock on!

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