Serving up Monday Topped with a Dollop of Guilt

I hate missing my kids’ activities, as all us moms do. Sunday was one of those days when I had committed to helping my Bible study group cook and serve a meal at church but had to miss Boy #1’s baseball scrimmage to do so.

After serving the meal, I called Husband to see how the scrimmage had gone. This is what I learned:

Boy #1 had been hit in the head with a baseball not one, but two times.

Then Boy #2 had slipped on the playground equipment and hit his mouth, splitting his lip open and giving himself one giant fat lip. Poor baby.

Of course, the one game I missed.

Nothing like a little mom guilt to start off the workweek!

5 thoughts on “Serving up Monday Topped with a Dollop of Guilt”

  1. Oh his poor face!

    Mom guilt is the worst! I get it whenever I can't do something at Boo's school. It just kills you.

  2. Oh. my. gosh. Poor little #2!! And poor #1, too!! Looks super painful!!!!! Give them extra hugs from me!

  3. Oh my goodness! Poor thing! Kids are tough, he is going to be a trooper. You could not have prevented Boy #1 getting hit by the ball (twice) anyway!

  4. Wait–it happened on your husband's watch, and YOU feel guilty???

    Every major boo boo my kids ever got was with ME, usually when hubby was on call and I was left to deal with it alone. Hubby was never really sure…

    I'd be laughing up a storm!

  5. Kellyn, yes, the guilt is always there. Stuff at school that I have to miss kills me too.

    Andi, you're right, I couldn't have prevented it (well Boy #1's injuries anyway), but it still makes me feel like a schmuck for not being there. (Can I say "schmuck" if I'm not Jewish? Sorry if I've offended anyone…)

    The Mother, you're totally right. I should've been laughing that I wasn't there, which I kind of was on the inside :), but still felt bad for the kiddos…

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