She’s Baaaaack!

Okay, I really need to eat lunch because I’ve had about 3 cups of coffee this morning, two sets of medication, and nothing to eat, so needless to say I’m feeling a bit weird AND wired, but I HAD to race to my computer and tell my peoples the news…

I was driving home from work (Yes, I only worked a half-day today—get off my back!) and I turned off our major 4-lane highway onto the little road that will take me to my home, when I had to swerve in order to miss . . .


Yes, it was THE GYPSY!

(If you have no clue to whom I am referring, read here and here.)

She was strolling down THE MIDDLE of the road, singing and playing her guitar.

Wearing her gypsy get-up.

I. Kid. You. Not.

Did I mention that it’s MAYBE 50 degrees today and sprinkling?

So what did I do, besides avoid hitting her?

Did I stop her and ask her what was UP with her anyway?

Did I take a quick photo with my cell phone for posterity?

Did I call the fuzz to alert them that their number-one hitchhiker was likely going to be at it again?


I just waved.

And drove like a bat out of hell to get home and tell YOU!


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