Snack Break!

If you could see me now…

I’ve always had a BIT of what you’d call “a problem” when it comes to a certain salty snack. It goes way back to when I was growing up and my mom would make a ginormous batch of it, which she would then keep in a plastic 5-gallon Schwann’s Ice Cream tub. And I would then proceed to eat at least 3 gallons of in one sitting…You think I’m kidding? Ask my sisters…

Yes, I’m talking about that great American snack, Chex Mix. My sister stopped by on her way to work this morning and dropped off a few things, including a bag of homemade Chex Mix for me.

Did I mention that I have a problem?

So I brought it to work and made myself hold off at least until I was finished with my morning coffee (Chex mix and coffee don’t really complement each other too well). Finally, I allowed myself to give in to my urges and start chowing down!

Which is the point that I seemed to have blacked out, and when I came to I practically had my head stuck inside the gallon-ziploc bag, licking out the crumbs…

What is it with Chex Mix? I can’t seem to stop myself! And I’m not talking about the stuff you can buy already made in the bag. I don’t even really like that. I’m talking the homemade stuff, with the strong taste of Worcestershire and garlic salt and all those leftovers from your cereal cupboard. I used to love it when my mom would include Kix and Cap’n Crunch in hers. Especially when they got a teensy bit burnt. Mmm…

Maybe my sister’s secret ingredient is just a pinch of crack. At least that would explain my inability to control myself. It wouldn’t just be my will-power that’s about as weak as Poindexter from Revenge of the Nerds. (Please, please tell me you’ve seen this!)

Now that I’ve gotten the taste of Chex Mix again (kind of like when a shark tastes blood), I can’t think about anything else (and my Ziploc bag has done been cleaned out). I’d like to go home and whip up a batch for me the kids, but since we’ve started our “budget,” I know that I have exactly zero dollars to go toward groceries until Wednesday. (It’s going to be a creative next couple of days.)

Although, we do seem to have a cupboard full of half-empy cereal boxes…maybe I’ll make a batch of “Chex-less Mix” and just use whatever stale crap I can scrounge up. (Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?) I’ll make sure to share my recipe if I whip it up. I know you’ll want to bake it for your next tailgate party!

Speaking of recipes, go here to find all kinds of Chex Mix recipes. You can even register to win a contest!

Ooh, I just found a couple of crumbs that fell under my desk…

8 thoughts on “Snack Break!”

  1. I laughed all through this post. I can totally see you with her head in the sack, licking the crumbs! lol I’ve never made homemade chex mix… but now you have me wanting some! lol I’ll have to send you some…. if I make it. ;o)

  2. I haven’t whipped up a batch for umpteen years…probably because “Chex Mix” doesn’t taste so yummy made with Colon Blast cereal…which we geezers feel we need to eat. (Just another perk of growing older 🙂
    It certainly was a good way to use up little parts of boxes of stale cereal…and pretzels…and crackers.
    Happy snacking.
    PS The Maytag repair man was out working in the garage today.

  3. Had to laugh as I read this… Especially about the bits under the desk!

    Check over at my site to see the fun you missed Saturday!

  4. Glad to see we all have our weaknesses. Mine? Birthday cake. Especially the frosting. Homemade frosting. What am I three years old? I love (when no one else is around) to eat off the frosting and throw away the cake! Shhh…don’t tell!

  5. Funny!

    I love Chex Mix too! Did you check out my White Trash Recipe over at I think you should … maybe!

  6. Your mom used to also do those awesome oyster cracker things too…it tasted like ranch, kind of. Ohhhh they were good. I remember after a slumber party at your house, I made my mom them for me all the time…I still go overboard when they’re around.

  7. Yeah, that bag of Chex Mix was intended to be for your ENTIRE FAMILY. But, whatever…

    Glad you liked it though. Feels good that I might possibly be excelling in SOMETHING right now, even if it doesn’t pay me!

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