Sneak Peek—The Boogers&Burps Emporium

If you’re like me, at one time or another you’ve dreamed of opening your own shop. When I was first married, a friend and I lusted after a store where we could sell two of our true loves side-by-side: books . . . and shoes. We even had a name for it. (Well, that’s really all we had for it.) It was going to be called Toes & Prose. Get it? Clever, huh?

Well, Toes & Prose never got off the ground, possibly due to the fact that we had no money to start a business, we had no real business plan, we had no business experience, and we had no idea of anyone who really wanted to buy shoes and books in the same store. But it was fun to scheme and dream.

Fast-forward 15 years and I am excited to announce that I am opening my own Shop through a partnership with the OpenSky Project, an online community of Shopkeepers who are knowledgeable in different areas and only sell products that they believe in and are passionate about. I’m excited to join this community because I really believe they are changing the way people shop; they call it “relationship commerce,” which I think is super cool.

Here’s how it works: OpenSky sources different products from select Suppliers. Shopkeepers add products to their Shop. Customers visit the Shops and not only shop, but interact with the Shopkeeper and other customers. And OpenSky is looking to add new Suppliers all the time, which means all I have to do is request a product from a different vendor, and OpenSky will do their best to make that product available. Then I will add it to my Shop and make it available to my customers. Of course, I also get a small percentage of each sale, which I will use to continue to test products for my Shop, as well as pay for the upkeep of my blog.

I’ve tried ad networks and affiliate marketing in order to make a little money to actually pay for the costs of my Web site. However, I’ve been really picky about what I advertise on my blog; I truly want it all to relate to my blog, what we like, what we believe in, and who we are. And truth be told, I have yet to make a dime off my blog. But I believe OpenSky is going to be the way I can do this; it’s worth a try anyway!

So what’s my Shop going to be about? Well, you’re in luck. I only have a few products in there right now, but I have requested a bunch more that I’m just waiting to hear back on. So for now you can come and take a Sneak Peek, and I will advertise and make an official announcement once my Shop is a bit more stocked. It’s called The Boogers&Burps Emporium, and I’m going to focus on products aimed at boys, as well as some other products that this mom just loves and wants to share.

So let me know what you think of my Shop! Thanks!

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