Stuff I’ve Been Thinking About. All Smushed Together.

I am so behind on my Bloggyville duties right now! I’ve got quite a few things I want to post and just haven’t gotten it done, so I’m going to try to cram a bunch of it into one disheveled, mismanaged and amalgamated post. It ain’t gonna be pretty, folks, but it’s all you’re getting, so you’ll take it—and you’ll like it!

  • First of all, I’ve been preoccupied with Boy #3’s chronic headaches he’s had now for 2+ months. We took him for a CT scan on Friday and found out today (looong weekend) that his sinuses are infected (again). So we’ll see if this latest round of antibiotics he’s been on will kick the infection or if we’ll have to push the issue more to determine: 1) what’s causing the infection; 2) why it won’t go away; and 3) how we can make it go away! Anyone else have sinus problems with their little ones?
  • If you enjoyed my “Chubbette” saga last week, you have to visit K-Mom at The Mommy Diaries. She followed up (well, “showed up” is more like it) my farm cat stories with her story of Bud, a pig who was taken from a farm to live with her family in the city. Good stuff there—especially the visual of a dead cow’s legs sticking out of a dumpster behind a school…
  • Here’s a great way to clip, save, and organize stuff you find on the web: SimplyBox. Watch the tutorial. It’s so easy and really useful. Thanks to Husband for turning me on to the SimplyBox (not to be confused with redbox).
  • I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I just like to laugh. And sometimes I just like to laugh at things that really aren’t appropriate. Like this Web site. WARNING: READ ON BEFORE CLICKING ON THE LINK!!! I’m not going to tell you the name of the Web site because, well, it has a naughty word in it. And I’d like to try to keep this a family-friendly site. So when you click the link to this site, make sure your boss isn’t going to be walking past your cubicle when you do, because I can’t be responsible for anybody’s firing. I got my own problems, people! But after being shown this site by Husband, I have not only laughed, but also snorted, shed a few tears, and yes, possibly even farted. (I can’t be the only one who suffers from laughter-induced farting, can I? CAN I? Bueller?…Bueller?!)
  • Thursday my oldest “baby” is 11. ELEVEN! Cripes, that’s practically 18. I mean, he’s going to be in MIDDLE SCHOOL next year. Yeah. I know. F-R-I-G-H-T-E-N-I-N-G! Maybe I’ll luck out and he’ll flunk and have to spend another year at our neighborhood elementary school. Who am I kidding, I’m never that lucky. But here’s a picture of my sweetie when he still loved his mommy (and obviously his food) and would let her kiss him in public. And before he got all hormonal and tween-ish on me. Seriously, though, he’s grown from an adorable baby to a handsome preteen who loves baseball, golf, fishing, and Guitar Hero, who is empathetic almost to a fault of all people and animals, who tries hard in school (most of the time), and who still lets makes his mom read to him every night before bed. Happy birthday, Boy #1! I love you!


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