I love looking at *stuff*, especially when I can look at stuff while lying in bed with a laptop instead of while trudging through a store, trying to keep one eye on my boys at all times (which is difficult when I have three boys and only two eyes)!

Here’s some stuff that caught my eye…

Stuff I Already Have That You Should Have Too:

*I’ve had this Chalkboard Clock hanging in my kitchen for probably 5 years now, and I love it. You can write all kinds of messages on it, like “Clean houses are boring!” or jot down things you need to pick up at the store: milk, bread, hemorrhoid cream. Makes a good conversation starter when you are entertaining guests.

*Husband and the boys got me this awesome What Fills Her Heart necklace a few years ago, and I just love it. Each pearl represents one of my boys, so it has sentimental meaning in a subtle, cool way.

Stuff I Don’t Have But Really Wish Someone Would Buy Me:

*You already know about my history with birds, but you may not know that one of my obsessions is books. I don’t necessarily read all of them, but I just like to HAVE them around me. So this book birdhouse would be perfect for me! At $120 I won’t be buying one for myself anytime soon, but if someone should, say, order the To Kill a Mockingbird one (HA–Get it?) and leave it on my doorstep with a pretty bow around it, I’d most likely squeal with delight and I’d probably even clear the dust on my mantel for it.

*I have a thing with purses. What woman doesn’t? I am in love with this purse I just found on etsy that is made out of a recycled trench coat! How cute is that? The best part? You can put your hand in the pocket–of the purse! I want to do that!

*I think the reason I don’t really cook or get crafty is because I don’t have a cute apron to wear! Thanks to one of the sites I love, We Covet, I found the apron for me. The Mommy Apron is a super cool apron that is made of denim. I *heart* anything denim! Husband, if you get me this apron, I’ll be a regular Julia Child. Honest!

Stuff I Really Wish Someone Would Buy My Kids:

*My kids love golf AND they love throwing things. That’s why this magnetic golf dart game would be a hit in my house! (Hint, hint, Grandma!)

* Before I had kids, I always dreamed that when I did have kids, they would be dressed super-cool all the time, wearing hip t-shirts like this 515 tee designed by Des Moines’ own Smash. Instead, I’m lucky if my kids are actually WEARING clothes, and when they do decide to put on something other than underwear, they’re donning some faded t-shirt complete with hand-me-down stains and jeans with the knees ripped out. *sigh*

Stuff I’m Not Sure I Really Want Because It’s Weird but You Need to See for Yourself:

*Okay, seriously, I’ve seen it all. Just what every kid wants: a plush representation of pee and poop! I REALLY hope they’re not scented! Honestly, I am having ENOUGH trouble getting my kids completely potty-trained (Okay, not you, 10-year-old, sorry to lump you in with your brothers) that I really don’t need them carrying around stuffed versions of what I swear I clean out of their underwear EVERY DAY!

Comment and add your own *stuff* that you’ve found!


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