Sunday Morning Guilt

I really hope you’re not reading my blog in order to “better yourself”…you know, become a better person or learn how to raise a Cleaver-esque family. I hope by now you’ve realized that this is not so much a “how to” blog as a “how NOT to” blog…

Because, my friends, it’s Sunday morning. The Lord’s Day. And what are we doing, you ask?

  • Cheerily dressing for church while humming classic hymns?
  • Devoting our morning to Bible study and worship?
  • Communing with our fellow parishioners for coffee and praise?


Instead, I’m on the computer (obviously), while Boy #1 stands in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of shorts rocking out to Guitar Hero while some beast-like character in the background of the game swings a stone hammer and the words “I am death” or some similar pleasant lyric blasts out of the speakers.

Should I worry about going to hell?

Yeah, don’t answer that question. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer.

Husband just got home from setting up Sunday School classes at church and reasoned that it’s too darn cold to take the kids out. It IS bitingly cold this morning. Below zero windchill and all.

But is that just an excuse? Or am I just so lazy tired sucky that the thought of rallying the troops to bathe, pull on clothes, and get out the door in time just to hear them whine, complain (or in Boy #3’s case, lay face-down on the floor of his Sunday School classroom and refuse to get up) is just more than I want to deal with this morning?

The answer is yes.

If only I could do the Jeanie head-nod or Bewitched nose twitch and we could all be groomed, happy, and inside the building… Seriously, that would be the super-power I would choose if I could choose any.

But instead, my children will likely still be in their pajamas (or their underwear) this evening.

And I may or may not have changed out of my flannel sock monkey pants.

God help us all.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Guilt”

  1. I am right there with you. I was thinking about getting everyone ready but when I went to see what the weather was like I noticed that 146 churches had cancellations.

    Mine does not have a cancellation but I feel if that many have cancelled it must be with good reason and we should just stay home. 🙂

    Oh and Guitar Hero, love it.

  2. I read your site to make sure I’m normal, to commisserate, and to laugh with you… you are laughing, right? We’re totally in the same boat today. I’d like to say I was up getting ready for church when I noticed the sheet of ice over everything, but it went more like sleep in first, then make the excuse later. oh well, we’ll go next week!

  3. I visit your blog, because you make me laugh! I haven’t been in church for over a year, so don’t beat yourself up! ;o)

  4. I hear you! We are so pathetic that usually grandma takes our oldest 2 up for Sunday school and church. Our youngest 2 were baptised a couple of Sundays ago, and into the service #1 must have been worried that I didn’t know what to do, and asked in a very sympathetic tone “mommy, is this your first time in church?” (And no, this wasn’t our first time in church!!! When we go, we usually go to the Wednesday service, BUT STILL!!!) Bring on the guilt!! So we NEED to go, didn’t today, be we need to!

    And, Paula, I LOVE your site’s new look!!! Sorry I suck and failed to work on it, but this is way better than what I would have done! Did you do it, or a design-y friend? I just had to stare at it for awhile because I LOVE that picture, and your logo and the illustrations!!!Awesome!!!!!!
    (oh, and my previous post was deleted because of a massive typo!)

  5. At least you have the weather as an excuse…it was sixty degrees here today and Hubby and I decided to skip church this morning because Miss P is at her grandmother’s until tomorrow and it was just too good of an opportunity to sleep in.

    Will that excuse fly at the Pearly Gates? Frost bite? You’ve got a good chance. Sleeping in? Not a chance in…well, you know. :0)

  6. Okay, friends, a big THANK YOU for sucking it up and admitting that you, too, are not perfect! (And if you were just humoring me, well, bless you for trying to make me feel good!) It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my good intentions/bad willpower!

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