Sweet Shot Tuesday — The Wipeout

I love Darcy from Life with My 3 Boybarians and Graphically Designing for several reasons: 1) She’s darn nice; 2) She lives in my neck of the woods; 3) She has three boys too; 4) She’s an amazing designer; and 5) She makes me feel like a photographer.

Darcy shares great photography tips on her blog, so visit there if you haven’t already. For instance, last week she shared how to photograph fireworks. Well, in an upcoming post I’ll share my misfit fireworks photos. Needless to say, next year I’ll be heeding her advice.

Darcy also has a inspiring meme called Sweet Shot Tuesday. The great thing? ANYONE can participate. Even photography hacks like myself. Darcy wants to encourage everyone to take lots and lots of photos and to not be intimidated. And because of her I’m trying to experiment a bit more in the photos I take. Someday maybe I’ll get a kick-arse SLR camera so I can really play with settings, but for now, my point and click will have to do.

This week I’m sharing a photo I took at the 4th of July carnival in my small hometown. I tried to get some photos from different perspectives, and I was kind of pleased with how this one turned out. If they would’ve only had the lights on the sign in the background, it would’ve been even better!

More about the 4th of July mayhem to come . . .

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