Target Embraces Thriftiliciousness

I have been a Target luuuhvah for years. Before, in fact, it was considered “cool.” So needless to say, I’ve been thrilled that Target has really been able to up their quality but still keep prices relatively low over the past few years.

Today when I was stalking browsing their site, a flash promo caught my eye. Here’s what it says:

How to be frugalista fabulous

Oh, Target, if only you’d used “Thriftilicious” in there somehow… But still, kudos to Target for realizing the increasing trend in thriftiness and getting more for less.

Clicking on this promo brings you to a page that says:

Where bargainistas and fashionistas Unite.

Love it! You can also watch two videos—one on women’s fashion and one on decorating—that show how Target is bringing the latest fashion for home and apparel to even us penny-pinching gals (and the number of us is growing every day)!

And it is so true. I’ve heard many women say (myself included) that they keep Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids catalogs so they can get ideas and then go to Target to buy similar items for much less. (Although Pottery Barn and PBK both have terrific clearance prices!)

This past weekend I decided to finally take down a set of vertical blinds that, although relatively expensive three years ago when we installed them, have been completely falling apart and look seriously well, honyocky. By taking my cues from Pottery Barn and similar Web sites, I then shopped at both Target and Wal-Mart (Yes–Wal-Mart!) and purchased the following items:
1 black “Wrought-iron-ish” curtain rod
2 sets of curtain rings with clips on them (I think “clipping” curtains instead of running the rod through the pocket can really make a pair of cheap sheers look more contemporary.)
2 panels of light green sheers
Total price? Under $40!

I also wanted a runner for my hallway but decided instead to put down two identical “regular-sized” rectangle rugs. Price? $5 each, and they’re exactly the style I was looking for!

When I was shopping at Wal-Mart for my home decor, I noticed that even they are experimenting with “boutique” items. Not sure how well they will go over considering the usual suspects at Wal-Mart are a bit different demographically than those at Target, but I was impressed with the effort! I can’t seem to find what I saw on-line, so I’ll have to jot down the name of it next time I run in so I can let you know.

What do you think? Are you a Target shopper? Wal-Mart? Do you think it’s possible to stay fashionable while maintaining a budget?


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