Teddy vs. The Dog Whisperer—The Adventure Begins

In T-minus two hours we will receive a visit from a dog whisperer. Yes, I said “dog whisperer.”

With a dog who, in 16 months, has managed to use our carpet as his own personal urinal, scratch a hole in the wall, break a “monster dog” tie-out cable, perform Houdini-like escapes from his crate, use my favorite flip-flops as a chew toy, and tear to shreds our Oreck vacuum, I really hope her whisper is going to include the words “knock this sh*t off.”

The truth is, we’re desperate. Despite all his antics, we really do love Teddy. And the boys still aren’t over the loss of our last dog, so if this doesn’t work, well, I don’t want to think about the choice we’ll have to make.

So, Ms. Dog Whisperer, I hope you’re ready to meet your match. We’re looking for a miracle!

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