The Fine Art of First-Grade Negotiation

On Friday, Boy #2 brought home a letter he wrote me at school.

Oh boy! I thought. Could this be a love letter from my sweet middle boy? Is he going to tell me how I’m the best mommy in the world and how he loves to snuggle and read with me and how he appreciates every little thing I do for him and how I’m the person he looks up to more than anyone?

And then I read it.

(Translation note: “ds” = Nintendo DS)

4 thoughts on “The Fine Art of First-Grade Negotiation”

  1. Yes…we have a child in desperate “need” of one of those also.

    I assume I already know your reply. It was probably the same as mine. 🙂

  2. oh that is just priceless! i’m such a sucker, i’d find a way to buy one! (bad mom, I know). in reality, we need to clear out the toys we already have!

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