The Internet Giveth—And Taketh Away

Since I’ve been home with a sick kid (plus a preschooler who doesn’t want to go to daycare when Mommy is home) for three days, I’ve come to a couple conclusions about my friend, the Internets.

It giveth. I’ve met so many friends over the past year from reading blogs and starting a blog myself. Friends I respect and admire, who give me a fresh perspective, a good laugh when I need it, and coupons. Lots of coupons.

The Internet has also made it easier for me to keep in touch with my favorite people. I am now following @TinaFey on Twitter, as well as @LukeWilson. And @IamChrisMann has actually REPLIED to me. (He just arrived at the Big 12 Tournament and will be rooting for KU. Just so you know.)

It gives me surprises as well. Take yesterday’s post, for example. It never fails: the posts that I write and think are just ho-hum turn out to be the ones that generate the most comments AND even get me featured on Web sites I’d never dreamed I’d spark interest from. (A shout out to all of my new friends around the globe from! Thanks for the support!)

And when I receive this interest and support, the Internet is also giving me the encouragement to continue writing and going for my “dreams.” (When I was younger I always thought my dream job would be to start my own magazine. You know, back when the word “blog” had no meaning, except maybe as a new insult to use on your big brother: “You’re such a big, lazy…blog!“) Now I’m finding that this writing thing is about all I want to do. Who knows…Maybe a second blog will be born in the next couple months? And if any publishers or book agents are reading, imagine what a great book title “Boogers and Burps” would make! (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?)

And as the Internet giveth, it also taketh away. You might wonder, “How does she have time to read all these blogs, write posts, and stalk her favorite celebrities?” Well, friends, herein lies the problem. Since I’ve spent so much time online this week, I’ve been avoiding some of those OTHER duties…like cleaning the house, making meals, making sure my kids put clothing on, and, well—personal hygiene. (It was only yesterday that I neglected to shower. Or change my clothes.) As I find myself giving more and more attention to my Web-ish pursuits, it takes me away from other things I should PROBABLY be doing. And why is it that time moves at like warp speed when you’re online too? Go to just check my Google Reader and all of a sudden I realize I’ve been glued to the chair for three hours…

How do some of you handle this? Or is it just me??


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