The Labor Day Weekend List

Since I’m home with a 10-year-old with poison ivy (No, the fun NEVER ends!), I thought I would take some time and actually WRITE SOMETHING for you. I’m sure you’re going through some sort of withdrawal by now. Probably huddled in a corner, hugging your knees and rocking back and forth while humming the theme song from “SpongeBob Square Pants.”

Was I right?


You didn’t even notice that I haven’t posted since LAST FRIDAY?

Oh, well…My other alternative is to unload the dishwasher and load it again, and this is more appealing…

SO, how ya been?

Me? Oh, I’ve been alright. Had an okay Labor Day weekend. We didn’t do anything extremely fun and Labor Day-ish, like go to a cabin or get invited to a BBQ…but it was okay as weekends go.

Here’s a list of some things I did:
1) Picked up Boy #3 from daycare on Friday with 3 minutes to spare until I had to start paying the “late charge.” Man, I’m a great mom!
2) Tortured Boy #2 by “making him” go with his friend to a Karate party, where they did HORRIBLE things like eat pizza, break boards, play games, and watch a movie. What did he want to do instead? Stay home with Jake, the favorite baby-sitter, who was coming over. Funny, though, he DID have fun, but was still mad at me when he got home…
3) Held the world’s cutest baby, the 4th child of friends. 7 weeks old. I bounced her to sleep and then got to sit and HOLD A SLEEPING BABY. My hormones were EXPLODING as my maternal instinct went full throttle…No, Paula, No! Three babies are enough for you! Eventually they will grow up, make messes, and talk back! I must keep repeating this. But she was soooo sweet and she had that yummy baby smell…
4) Bought fertilizer and weed control spray. Hmm…still waiting for that lawn to mow itself…
5) Planted mums in a pot for my porch. Two years in our house and this is the extent of our landscaping.
6) Visited my local Goodwill store—well, that’s a given! Got some good deals on clothes, a Dave Ramsey book, Financial Peace Revisited, for $1.49, and a paperback for my husband that I’d already given him for Christmas last year—whoops! No wonder I thought he’d like it! Good thing it was only 33 cents!
7) Cleaned the downstairs somewhat. Dusted, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, rearranged a few decorative items. Of course, I had planned on getting the WHOLE HOUSE cleaned. Go ahead. Laugh hysterically. I deserve it.
8) Got rid of some of my scrapbooking inventory thanks to my Mom-in-law and her coworker. (Thanks!) Plus got another order to send in. Now, let’s see, if only I could get rid of the other 375,000 products in my basement, I’d have a credit card paid off! (Look for a sale REAL SOON.)
9) Made zucchini bread! I know—I BAKED! I’m so proud of myself! Here’s a couple pictures just to prove it!

10) Had a “discussion” about politics with my parents…Ye-a-h, wouldn’t recommend that idea…
11) Ate corn on the cob and the best applesauce cake at my parents’ house. Now, I WOULD recommend that!
12) Watched Boy #3 fencing in a Mario Olympics game for the Wii at my in-laws (Yes, my father-in-law has a Wii AND about every game made AND an XBOX 360…YES, he is the boys’ idea of the COOLEST GRANDPA EVER!). We laughed HARD watching the 4-year-old’s concentration while his butt did this cute little wiggle as he ran in place and jabbed the controller in the air to “strike” his opponent.
13) Let Boys #2 and #3 swim with their cousins in what we like to call their “redneck swimming trunks.” Yes, they swam in their underwear. Boy #2 asked me if it was illegal to swim in your underwear. I said, “At Grandma and Grandpa’s house it’s not!” 🙂 I will also disclose that Boy #3 was wearing a pair of Boy #2’s underwear that was a size too big due to the fact that I couldn’t find a clean pair of underwear for Boy #3. AND one of the boys MAY or MAY NOT have had a small brown stain on the back of his underwear. If we’re not honyocks, I don’t know who is!
14) Bought cranberry-colored paint and pretty pink primer for one wall in my kitchen, along with painting supplies. They haven’t made it out of the garage.
15) Did not even get crabby when Husband left at 5:30 on a holiday to participate in his Fantasy Football draft. I believe I even told him to “Have fun.”

There you have it—my holiday weekend, in all its glory.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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