The Mysterious Man-Ponytail Comment

Last night, as Boy #3 was settling down in his our bed, he blurted something out of the blue that has made me giggle ever since.

“Today at preschool I told Greg that my dad has a ponytail.”

Now, it’s not that I think men with ponytails are weird or funny-looking or anything; I just think my man with a ponytail would be both weird and funny-looking.

And why Boy #3 decided to tell his friend that his dad has a ponytail is a complete mystery to me. Does he wish his dad had a ponytail? Did he see a man with a ponytail at preschool? Does Greg’s dad have a ponytail?

I kept laughing when I was laying in bed thinking about Boy #3’s comment and trying to picture Husband with a ponytail.

I just can’t see it.

Magnum P.I. mustache? Yes.
Man ponytail? No.


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