The (Rare) Cleaning and Organizing Post

Since it’s already been a week since Labor Day and I’ve already shared with you the Labor-Less part of my Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d better prove to you that I made good on the “Labor” part of the holiday as well. Before, you know, it’s Halloween.

I was determined to get some things accomplished over the long weekend instead of doing my usual—saying I’m going to get some things accomplished and then cozying up to the DVR instead. So I started a painting project because I knew I would HAVE to finish. As a result, the boys’ bathroom finally got some fresh paint, as well as a new shower curtain and towels. I went with a light bluish gray color because I wanted to give it a peaceful, spa-like feel. And it didn’t turn out too bad.

Instead of buying a new soap dish and toothbrush holder (because the primary-colored fish themed holder I had didn’t quite look so good anymore), I shopped around in my house and found a dark gray dish I had picked up at a thrift shop to hold soap, and a vintage glass jar that was Husband’s grandma’s to hold toothbrushes.

When Boy #2 walked into the bathroom after I’d finished cleaning up, he said, “Whoa, this is too fancy for me to use!” Pretty sad what my kids constitute as being “fancy”! But perhaps the most embarrassing moment was when Boy #3 opened the lid of the toilet and said, “Look! The toilet is white! WOW! That’s so cool! Thanks, Mom!” And no, the 6-year-old wasn’t even being sarcastic.

So once I started organizing and redoing the bathroom, I got more motivated to tackle other rooms in the house. I managed to get our bedroom, and two of the boys’ bedrooms completely cleaned out. You’ll notice that I do not have any “before” photos to show you. That’s because I don’t think I really need to provide any evidence for DHS to use against me someday. Nor do I want Oprah to get ahold of it and drag me onto her show to do some kind of cleaning intervention. Just trust me. It wasn’t pretty.

But here’s the “after” result of our bedroom.

It’s amazing how much bigger the room feels when you can walk on the carpet without stepping on dirty clothes, clean clothes, Pokemon cards, books and a smuggled birthday cake.

I literally spent three hours untangling necklaces from my jewelry basket. My back was near-broken and I’m pretty sure I lost some of my eyesight, but I got all of those chains apart. (Thanks to the obsessive part of my personality.) Then I decided to find some other means of organizing my jewelry so I didn’t have to go through that torture again. So once again, I went shopping in my basement. And I love how this turned out!

This scale was Husband’s great-grandfather’s, which he used in his veterinarian clinic. We’ve had it for several years, but I didn’t really know what to do with it. Finally, I found the perfect use. I put my bracelets on one side, and my rings and earrings on the other.

I found another “treasure” I’d picked up at Goodwill at one time, a little brass stand that kind of looks like a mini umbrella stand, and I hung my necklaces on that.

I’m sure this will not win any design awards, but it totally fits my style, and I am excited about how it turned out.

If you can’t tell already, I have a thing for old crap vintage goodies. And I literally get chills up my spine when I figure out how to repurpose something I already have. Suitcases are one of my little addictions…

Aren’t they cute? They were just looking for a loving home!

I used this cute little dish I’d picked up at Goodwill to hold soap in our bathroom. It reminds me of a birds’ nest. It makes me happy when I’m washing my germy hands.

Whew. I feel better now. After always posting the horror stories (and photos) of my house, I’m glad to be able to show you that sometimes I actually try to make things look halfway nice (and clean).

Maybe someday we’ll actually be able to keep it this way for more than a few days…

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