The Story of the Renegade Snaggletooth

Okay, you can be honest with me. Is this not the most duh-SGUST-ing snaggletooth you’ve ever seen? Of course, this is a photo of one of my boy’s mouths, because apparently we now we have gone “whole honyock” and started growing teeth in front of our other teeth before they feel it’s time to fall out.

So Boy #2 walked around like this for a good week and a half. I’m not going to lie to you, friends. It was pretty disturbing. That tooth hung a good two inches below the other front tooth, and I’m pretty sure it had already died because it started taking on a rather decayed look.

But would it fall out? Oh, no. Of course not. Not even when Boy #2, who already has an “issue” with having his thumb in his mouth, wiggled that thing every waking minute.

It just continued to hang on. And I really started to believe that it was actually taunting us. The tooth. The cowlick that refuses to stay down. The clothes that are notoriously on backwards. Boy #2 was starting to look like the Honyock Poster Child.

And just when we thought we were going to have to start claiming that tooth as another dependent on our income taxes—it happened.

Boy #2 came running down the stairs: “Mom! Dad! Guess what? My tooth fell out!”

“OH, THANK GOD!!!” “Oh, isn’t that nice?” I said. “So where is it?”

“I lost it.”

“I know; you said that. But where is the tooth so you can put it under your pillow?”

“No, I lost it,” Boy #2 said, with a newfound lisp.

“Well, where did you lose it?” I asked.

“In your bed.”

Fabulous. Just what I want—to wake up in the morning with a fugitive snaggletooth imbedded in my cheek.

Fortunately, after sending in the reconnaissance to rifle through my sheets, the tooth was recovered and has since been taken to wherever the Tooth Fairy stashes snaggleteeth.

And Boy #2 no longer has something to gross out his brothers with. But I am entirely confident that he’ll find something soon.


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