There Are Good Days and Bad Days (and Some Days Are Both)…

I’m not going to write about the fact that when I got home from work yesterday and went upstairs, I found Boy #3 sitting—STUCK—on a shelf in the walk-in closet, snot all over his face from crying and poop smeared down his legs and all over the shelf. I’m not going to tell you that he was crying the saddest cry I’ve ever seen him cry because Boy #2 had just left him there and went outside, and Daddy couldn’t hear him yelling because of the TV. I’m not going to tell you that when I asked Boy #2 why he left his brother there, he said, “I didn’t want to touch him because he was poopy!” I’m not going to tell you that Boy #3 was wearing boxer shorts when he pooped his pants and had obviously pooped BEFORE he climbed onto the shelf as evidenced by the smudged poop on the video chair and trail of turdlets on the carpet. I’m not going to tell you about this one-step-closer-to-having-DHS-knock-on-our-door moment.

Whoops…I guess I just did.

Instead, I’ll tell you what I heard Boy #2 say to himself as we were sitting in the movie theater last night, waiting for Kung Fu Panda to start (GREAT movie, btw, especially for boys!).

“This is the best day of my life.”

Apparently, we don’t let our kids get out much.

Nonetheless, I was pleased to have given one of our children the “best day of his life.” (I’m betting that Boy #3 wouldn’t rank the day quite as high.)

10 thoughts on “There Are Good Days and Bad Days (and Some Days Are Both)…”

  1. That is the funniest story I have heard in a long time!! Yes, #3 suffered a tad, but A)he probably won’t do it again, and B)he lived, so now we can laugh about it!! Sounds like fun cleanup!!!

  2. Oh my… poor #3! I hope today is a better day for him.

    I’m glad #2 enjoyed his day, though, lol.

  3. wow. poor kid. it’s hard to be that excited for boy #2 when your heart is broken for boy#3. what a day.

    we had a DHS moment yesterday too…we took my daughter to the lake. we stayed in the water for TWO hours. seems like plenty of time for a non swimming 3 year old and her overweight, out of shape mom, right? all was well until we went to leave and guess what! tantrum city. and i do not mean a typical one. i mean, when i set her down at the van and got her life jacket off, she got away from me and, screaming from the top of her lungs, ran back to the lake. without her life jacket. it was a proud moment.

    btw, thanks to all the other moms who sat and watched…really…i can always handle it all on my own 🙂

    lol i’m sure sorry for no.3 and hey, if a giant panda cartoon makes no.2 so happy…you’ve done something right when they can cherish the little things 🙂

  4. Thanks for the condolences about #3. I’m hoping it didn’t scar him for life. But I’m pretty sure it scarred me to see him so sad! 🙁 I didn’t even get mad about the poop when I saw his sad little face!

    groovyteach, man, I’ve been there. Don’t you love it when your kid decides to have an out-of-body experience when you’re somewhere NOT at home (and in your case, with DANGEROUS WATER NEARBY)???

  5. I don’t know whose day made me laugh harder, Paula’s or Groovyteach’s. Aren’t kids great? And, it doesn’t matter their age. They (think they) know EVERYTHING! Like we could ever be intelligent enough to actually know what’s good for them!

  6. momof2dancers…

    i’m so glad i could amuse you! lol jk kids are awesome, i just have to keep repeating that mantra when she does stuff like that lol

  7. This had me laughing until I almost peed my pants! (Which, I suppose, would be better than pooping on a shelf!). My little cherub is 1. The fun has not yet begun…I’ll have to live vicariously through your stories until mine is old enough to give me some good material!! 🙂 Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  8. I started reading your blog because a friend of mine, (the older sister of your favorite babysitter), insisted that I would get a huge kick out of it. So true! You are an incredible writer and should really consider publishing. Thanks for the daily humor.

  9. Your husband was very neglectful. If his poo was dried that means that your husband hadn’t checked on his boys for at least an hour.

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