Things I’m Wondering Today

Has it really been a week since I’ve blogged?

Why am I choosing to watch Dora the Explorer when I am the only one home?

Why have I allowed a stray puppy the size of a small grizzly to stay in my home for the past two weeks?

And is it really possible for one puppy to pee THAT much? (If you’re wondering if he’s house-trained, I think you’ve just found your answer.)

Does any other mother struggle every morning just finding clean underwear for her kids?

Does any other mother struggle every morning wrestling dirty underwear away from her dog?

Is it possible for me to lose weight while eating only M&Ms?

Could I possibly be a BIGGER procrastinator?

These are things I’m wondering today. And now I’m also wondering if I’m going to get these stories done I need to edit. Because I’ve been thinking about things I’m wondering about today instead.

More to come soon…

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