This Time?… Simon & Simon

First of all, I’d like to apologize to all those who were worried about me since I have not posted anything since Monday. Man, if you’re not careful, I’m going to start neglecting you guys more often. I’ve never felt so loved!

The truth is, I’ve just been busy. And tired. And lazy. You know, the same old song and dance.

Right now I’m trying to work from home because I’m home with Boy #1 AGAIN. I took him back to the doctor this morning because after over a week on steroids and Benadryl, his poison ivy is still horrible. Now we’ve got stronger steroids and different medications to help the itch. Hooray! And now I’m sitting in front of my computer, all ready to get to work. But once again, I’m finding it difficult to concentrate.This time, it’s not because my house is a pit. I stayed home yesterday and spent the entire day cleaning my A@% off (yeah, I WISH–it’s still there, big as ever) because I had agreed to host a jewelry party last night. I know, I’m crazy. But it DID give me an excuse to clean my house!

So anyway, it’s not the messy house that’s distracting me, nor the barking dog. (He’s tied up on his new “monster cable” outside that we had to get because he broke the other tie-out cable. Yes, it was made of STEEL. This cable is for dogs up to 250 pounds and had a picture of a huge Mastiff or some other beast on the package. Our dog is MAYBE 28 pounds and is a fluffy wire-fox terrier. If he breaks THIS cable, I’ll be convinced that he snuck some of Boy #1’s steroids!)

This time, it’s not even Magnum.

No, instead it’s the playful bantering of those crazy brothers and crime-solvers, Simon & Simon.

What’s the deal with my son and 80s detective shows?

4 thoughts on “This Time?… Simon & Simon”

  1. Glad you are back! That is crazy about the poison ivy! Poor kid, I bet he is miserable! I hope the new super-drugs work!!! I totally died laughing about Teddy’s line. He is small, but mighty! Are you feeding him Mighty Dog? You may want to rethink that. Well, hope he gets better, and if you find that some of his steroids are missing, I may or may not have snuck in and swiped some so that I can find the energy to do my laundry.

  2. Tell #1 that there was this really groovy show…from the 60s. I absolutely loved Perry Mason. It was on on Saturday nights and so I turned down all the requests for dates just so I could watch it. And if you believe that then will you also believe that when I was 18 I looked just like Bridget Bardot,,except that I had dark hair…and no boobs…and no French accent…but otherwise just the same? Oh I hear you…who’s Bridget Bardot???? Anyway, Perry Mason was a cool show…altho the sexual tention between Perry and Della might be too intense for #1.
    PJ.. All of us that don’t have a life are so glad you are typing again.

  3. The poor guy, and poor you. Not a good time at your house at all.

    That is nuts about the dog…strong little booger isn’t he.

    My kids love the old shows too. Boo loves Different Strokes of all shows. Who knows what they are thinking.

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