Thrifticilious Thursday—Deals to Get You Ready for December

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is one week from today? And after that, we’ve got Black Friday and then the short slide into December…

Are you ready? No? Well, I know you’ll find this hard to believe but—neither am I. I have only a handful of gifts purchased, and I haven’t gotten my boys’ hair cut yet so we can even think about getting a photo taken for Christmas cards. And then there’s the writing, addressing, sending…

So here are some deals and events that can get you ready for December. Because it’s coming whether you’re ready or not!

Need a big gift for someone? Today only, Best Buy has the LG Blu-ray Disc Player with 1080p Output on sale for $129.99, a savings of $70! (Thanks to Bargainst for the heads up!)

Need a gift idea for me? Books. Lots and lots of books. Or a gift card from would work too. And for a limited time if you purchase two $25 gift cards from Borders, you will get a $10 gift card FREE! Save it for yourself, or just give it to me. Along with the $25 gift cards. Thanks. Offer available online only. (Thanks to Coupon Cravings for alerting me to this great deal!)

What’s better than Christmas shopping sans kids? Hmmm… how about Christmas shopping sans kids while munching on free desserts and sipping wine? Yes, much better. Much, much better. If you live in the Des Moines or Minneapolis area, you can sign up to attend the Night Owl Shopping Event for Grownups this Saturday, Nov. 21 at Creative Kidstuff! It’s an after-hours event, so registration is required. Like mimosas and breakfast treats? Then sign up instead for the Early Bird Shopping Event on Saturday morning. Besides treats and drinks, there will also be special discounts and gift card drawings! Don’t live near a store? Shop online and get 25% off 1 item and free gift wrapping on all orders with discount code 25fcat!

I love Advent calendars, but we don’t have one for this year, and I’m pretty sure the budget won’t allow me to buy one. So I was thrilled to get an email from mibo today with a link to a free Advent calendar download! I printed their 2009 calendar, and I love the artwork! This Advent calendar will be perfect for our family this year, and I’ll even get to feel a little crafty when I put it together!

Just a few deals to get you on your way to December. I’m sure there will be many more I’ll want to share with you in the next month!


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