Thriftilicious Thursday—7 Free Printables

I’m not a designer, but I play one on TV.

Actually, I don’t even do that. But I really do think at the core of my soul is a trapped designer, just begging to be set free. Problem is, I gots no skills.

Maybe if Mom and Dad would’ve let ME draw with markers all over the walls of MY room, I would’ve grown up to become a designer like my little sister. But nooooo, I wasn’t even allowed to hang anything on my walls anywhere but on this strip of corkboard they hung for me.

But no hard feelings, Mom and Little P, huh?

So since I don’t have the first clue about art or graphic design, I’ll just have to rely on coveting other people’s work. And thanks to my printer, I can do that for FREE!

Here are some FREE Printable Downloads offered by some very talented (and generous!) designers. Need a greeting card for someone? Save yourself $3.99 (and a trip to WalMart) and print one instead. Need a little gift for someone but don’t have a lot of money to spend? Print calendar pages, bookplates, or labels on nice paper and bundle together with a pretty ribbon. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be thoughtful.

These Vintage Flash Card Gift Tags from Eat. Drink. Chic. are totally my style!

I would definitely get a lot done if I could use these sweet Lists designed by Whisker Graphics (and found on Love. Obsess. Inspire.)!

This customizable “Say It Like It Is” greeting card and gift tag are brilliant! Look at all the adjectives she gives you to choose from! I love EVERYTHING from Creature Comforts, by the way. You MUST check her out!

Did I ever tell you about my library obsession/anxiety? Well, it all started when I was little and would go to our public library with my mom and sisters. My mom, knowing I would check out an entire carload of books if allowed, instructed me to choose three books at a time. This task proved a little too excruciating for me. I distinctly remember running my finger across the spine of all of the books, scanning every title, my heart pounding as I tried to choose between Trixie Belden, a biography of Sacajawea, and The Beginner’s Guide to Wall Street. (Yes, I was a nerd.) Usually this trip ended with me bawling because I couldn’t make a decision and leaving with my bookbag empty. (And, alas, I wouldn’t be able to tell the librarians my library card number—2838—which I still remember even though I can’t remember the birthweight of Boy #3.) What does all this have to do with this post? I want this Library Card Template. I will be printing it later today and then affixing all of the little envelopes in my books. And then I will buy one of those little date stampers so I can stamp the due date on the cards. And my life will be complete. I love you, Creature Comforts!

I will be organized. I will be organized. All I need is this daily planner. How cute is it? Yep, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I will be organized. Thanks, Tangarang!

This little owl notecard is so cute! I especially love the little guy’s polka-dotted wings. This was designed by Larissa of mmmcrafts.

And last but not least one just for Husband! Now, come on, if I wrote out all of my Honey-Do tasks on this sweet printable list from Vale Design (and found here on Each Pretty Penny), you’d whistle while you work on shoveling out the garage, wouldn’t you, Husband? Huh? *Smooch*

2 thoughts on “Thriftilicious Thursday—7 Free Printables”

  1. These are sooo cool!! And maybe I am a designer, but a lazy one, so I would rather print someone else's work, too!! Oh, and the key to getting to do what you want was just to do it, then just apologize later. I am getting paid back for this, however, with child #2:) Oh…you DON'T want me to color on the bathroom wall that you repainted yesterday to cover it up from when I did it last time…Got it. Sorry!!

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