Thriftilicious Thursday—Forget a Staycation; Try a Moochcation!

Okay, is everyone else as tired of hearing the word “staycation” as I am?

Yeah, it’s true that many people are staying close to home because of the economy this year, and yeah, it’s true that there are quite a few fun things you can find to do in your local area, but still…You can roll poo in sugar and slather chocolate icing on top—but underneath it’s still poo.

Instead of a “staycation” this year, our family has chosen to go the route of—“moochcation.” (Okay, if this word goes viral like “staycation” did, I better see some monetary rewards, people. Yeah, so I can go on a REAL vacation.)

What, you may ask, is a moochcation? Well, it’s pretty much the way it sounds. Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

  1. Make a list of all the people you know who live at least 3 hours away from you, preferably in another state. It may help to go down through your friends on Facebook.
  2. Decide which friends you could stand to hang out with for a couple days.
  3. Contact your friends and invite yourselves to stay with them for a weekend or longer. (Or you can always use a little reverse psychology and ask them which hotels they’d recommend, to which they will most likely respond, “Oh, no. I won’t have it! You must stay with us! I insist!” And then you’ll say, “Oh, no, I couldn’t inconvenience you like that.” And then they’ll say, “Really, it’s no inconvenience. I’ll be offended if you don’t stay with us!” To which you’ll say, “Well, if you insist…”)

If you’re really lucky your friends will not only provide accommodations, but meals as well! (And possibly an open bar…)

The Boogers&Burps Moochcation: Phase 1
This weekend we’re starting our moochcation, beginning with my BFF from high school and her family. They’re heading off to Slovenia for FIVE WHOLE YEARS this fall to plant a church there (How awesome are they?), so we really wanted to hang out with them before they leave. They live in Kansas City, which is about 3 hours south of us. It should be interesting because our kids have never all met, and two of mine are quite a bit older than her two. Plus we’re all going to squeeze into the condo they’re living in on the campus of the ministry they’re involved with. But that’s okay with me. I can’t wait to gab until my jaw aches, and the boys will be so excited to just get out of our house that they’ll think it’s a treat no matter what we do! We’ll be there two nights and three days. Squeal!

The Boogers&Burps Moochcation: Phase 2
After returning from Kansas City, we’ll be home about a day before turning around and heading north to Minneapolis for a long weekend. We will actually be spending one night in a hotel, along with my in-laws, and will be doing the Minneapolis scene (Mall of America and I hope IKEA) for two days before heading to Rochester to stay with my sister-in-law and her family for two nights. Can’t wait to squeeze my niece and nephew and celebrate their birthdays! The boys will have a blast playing with the cousins, and it will be awesome to just relax, laugh, and visit since we don’t get to see my SIL as much as I’d like!

We’re fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends who will not only allow us to mooch, but actually invited us to! There’s nothing like a little one-on-one time with the people we love to feed the soul! Disneyworld’s got nothin’ on my moochcation! (At least that’s what I keep repeating to myself…)

What about you? Who can you mooch off of this summer?


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