Thriftilicious Thursday—Just Say No to Store-Bought Valentines!

I know this may come as a shock to you, but I’m not one of these moms who has her Valentine’s Day crafts picked out mid-January and helps her children create intricate masterpieces to pass out to their friends. Nope. I’m usually at Wal-Mart about 8 p.m. the night before the kids’ parties, fighting for the last box of Higglytown Heroes or Looney Tunes Valentines (which, of course, are not my children’s first, second, or third choices, but that’s what happens when you have a organizationally challenged mom).

This year was no exception. Boys #1 and #2 both have their class parties tomorrow because they don’t have school on Friday. And when did we start making our Martha Stewart recycled Golden Graham cereal box Valentine card boxes and writing out our heartfelt Valentine messages? Yeah, that’s right. 8:00. Tonight.

In the name of thriftiliciousness, I decided to download and print free Valentines for the kids to give to their friends. Let’s face it: what do the kids really do with 25 Spider-Man and Hello Kitty Valentines? So Boy #2 got on board with me and chose one of the designs I found. Boy #1, though? Yeah. Tweeniness got the best of him, and I soon found myself on the way to Wal-Mart in search of Valentines that weren’t “stupid.” Fortunately, Boy #1 decided that sports Valentines were, in fact, not stupid, so we settled on those and only had to spend $2.50. I figure it’s his last year to exchange class Valentines, so letting him hand out Valentines that aren’t “so embarrassing!” is something I can probably do for him. I guess.

So if you’re like me and don’t have your cutesy handmade Valentines already crafted, this post is for you. There are oodles of free Valentines out there on the Interweb, ready to print on white paper or cardstock, cut, address, and deliver. Alls you gotta do is browse, choose, print, and go!

Boy #2 chose these Valentines for his first-grade class.
Disney printable Valentines here.
Got a Cyberchase fan? Class set of Valentines here.
Clever and funky Valentines here.
What says “Happy Valentines Day” better than zebras?
Conversation hearts make for a classic Valentine.
Whooo wouldn’t love these owl Valentines?
Beautiful artwork on these Valentines.
Giddy-up! These Valentines are great for the little cowboy or cowgirl.
Amazing wood-cut Valentine featuring an adorable squirrel here.

And before you throw away all your kids’ Valentines that are strewn about the house in an effort to plunder all the candy (Or does that just happen at my house?) see oh amanda’s great post about how to reuse those little cards! (By the way, I met cutie-patootie oh amanda last weekend, along with her sweet, sweet baby.)

This is one area where we really don’t have to spend much money to make fun memories for our kids. Search your favorite blogs and Web sites and just say no to overpriced cards and fuzzy gorrilas holding a red satin heart (Yes, even if the gorilla does play “Unchained Melody” when you pull its finger.)


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