Thriftilicious Thursday—My $1.94 Outfit

Today, in honor of Thriftilicious Thursday, I’m wearing my outfit that cost me a whole $1.94. Yes—cheaper than even thrift shop prices! Where did I purchase such a delicious bargain? Old Navy.

I ran to Old Navy at lunch yesterday and hit the bargain-junkie jackpot! Here’s what I got:
4 pairs of pants for me – $.97 each. (Yes, that’s less than a buck.)
1 cute denim button-up tunic for me – $.97
2 T-shirts for the boys – $.97
1 pair of pants for Husband – $.97
1 T-shirt for Husband – $2.99
1 T-shirt for me – $3.49 (Ooh, we’re starting to get expensive!)
1 layering tank and T-shirt – $5 each
1 adorable wooden puzzle of woodland animals from some artist I’d never heard of that I will save for my nephew’s first birthday – $3.49
1 Tote to satisfy my current obsession with finding a spring purse – $10 (Whoa, break the bank!)

I love finding deals like that!

Soon I’m going to post about my new love affair with Walgreens, but for now, I’m going to link to some great sites I visit daily to get my bargain fix:
Deal-Seeking Mom
Your Coupon Buddy
Coupon Cravings
Money Saving Mom

Also, three stores that offer “Daily Deals” to bookmark:
The Company Store

Have you found any great deals lately? Please share your experiences in the Comments! Let’s make this an interactive Thriftilicious Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Thriftilicious Thursday—My $1.94 Outfit”

  1. May I admire you? I have never been able to get out of Old Navy for less than $50.

    Right on!

  2. I just had a trip to Old Navy like that. Mine was about $20 though. I stocked up for Boo next year. Hunter is almost into men’s sizes so I left him alone for now.

    They have the best clearance deals, LOVE IT!!

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