Thriftilicious Thursday—Save on Things That Make ME Happy!

For this week’s Thriftilicious Thursday, I’m going to tell you about a couple deals you can get on two things that make ME happy: Dansko shoes and organizational products.

First of all, let‘s talk about the Danskos. Please tell me you’ve heard of them. If you haven’t, you’ve probably seen them being worn by a nurse or other healthcare worker because they’re so incredibly comfortable. But Danskos are oh-so cute and UN-orthopedic-looking that once you get a pair, you’ll look at all of your other shoes with scorn and contempt. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

When I started running (which still makes me LAUGH and LAUGH), I discovered that I not only have flat feet, but apparently I have freakishly flat feet. When the salesman was fitting my foot into a New Balance running shoe that looked like an astronaut boot, he asked me if I see a specialist for my “problem.” Uh, didn’t know I had a “problem,” so that would be a big “no.” Then he said, “So what do you WEAR?!” like he was picturing me with a closet full of rubber galoshes or something.

When I told him that I have one pair of Danskos that are awesomely comfortable, he confirmed for me that I should either ONLY be wearing Danskos or should have some sort of orthotics. I’d much rather have a closet full of Danskos but unfortunately can’t afford either that or orthotics right now, so I walk around a lot with feet that hurt. Funny how you just get used to that. I am up to 5 pair of Danskos now, and two of the pairs I found at Goodwill—in my size and barely worn! I’m pretty sure that God put them there.

Right now,, which I’ve written about before because they have awesome daily and weekly sales, along with FABulous customer service, has ALL women’s Danskos at 50% off! That’s practically unheard of! So check it out—they have so much more than just the traditional clogs (which I do love).

Organizational Products!
Those of you who have been hanging out with me for a while know that I have a little bit of a crush on Liz Lemon (Tina Fey’s character on 30 Rock. I’ve tried to decide what exactly it is about Liz that I adore and have come to the conclusion (with the help of my husband) that I identify with Liz Lemon because I AM Liz Lemon. Well, Liz Lemon if she were married with 3 kids. Let’s take last week’s episode, “The Funcooker,” for example. At the beginning, we see Liz sashaying down the street, swinging her shopping bags with a self-satisfied and optimistic smile on her face. Then she speaks:

“I went to the new flagship Compartment Store on 5th Avenue and I’m going to get my life in order. There’s a stacking thing to sep
arate your junk mail from your humidifier catalogs, a thing you stick on your laptop that hold your keys, a round plastic deal that holds your shoes with a pocket for a photograph of what shoes are in there. I’m going to become wonderful. It’s a new beginning, like a phoenix rising…”

Unfortunately, in true Liz Lemon style, she gets hit by a bicycle right then and ends with, “Or this is going to be the worst day ever.” After this scene, Husband turned to me with a look of understanding that I’d never really seen on his face. “You really ARE Liz Lemon, aren’t you?” he said. FINALLY—he GETS me!

Like Liz, I have a love affair with any container or gadget that will make me more organized. And like Liz, it never really seems to make me “wonderful,” although it is good for at least a two-hour high. So when I saw that The Container Store has 25% off EVERYTHING with the code CLUTTERCREW, my heart started to beat a bit faster, and images of stackable trays danced in my head.

I’ve already picked out what I want.

I mean, I want the whole ROOM. (Even the wall behind it—and the door that doesn’t have dings in it where the kids whacked it with a baseball bat.)

What about you? Danskos? Containers? What makes you feel happy?

6 thoughts on “Thriftilicious Thursday—Save on Things That Make ME Happy!”

  1. I have a love affair with the local organizing store. I could walk around there forever. I am a bit like Tina Fey in that as well…

    That room is wonderful, especially the door!

  2. Just so you know, flat feet kept your father out of the Army. :)And I believe your sisters also have flat feet….Your Mother? Oh, now, that’s another story

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Danskos! It seems like I only gravitate to European brands like Danskos, Born and Sofft. Thanks for the heads-up on the sale – I am going to do some shopping right now!

  4. Just for the record…I am the one sister who does NOT have flat feet. Seriously. I don’t have freakishly high arches or anything; just “normal” feet…at least when it comes to arches. But I still can’t find shoes that fit either, for different reasons.
    P.S. Mom, stop telling the world that I have flat feet.

  5. #2:
    Those of us who are toe-challenged are prone to making demeaning remarks about those who are toe-gifted.

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