Thriftilicious Thursday–The Sequel

Can you believe it? It’s already the long-anticipated second installment of Thriftilicious Thursday! And to start off Thriftilicious Thursday with a bang, I give you My Weekly Trip to Goodwill–The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Okay, we’re sans photos this week, so you’ll just have to use your imagination! (Yes, I’m just too damn tired to get out the camera.)
And what to my wondering eyes should appear when I walked through the doors of Goodwill this week? A whiteboard proclaiming “All red tags–$1.69”! And the hunt was on…After stalking the aisles for over an hour (much to Husband’s delight), I finally headed home with my quarry: 3 brand-name shirts for myself, a cute hooded winter vest (also for me!), and 2 Ralph Lauren polos for husband. (He wanted to know if they threw in the musty scent for free. I am so underappreciated!) The best part? I got all this for under 10 bucks! Score!

Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our friend Thomas Jefferson (the cologne), was nowhere to be found. That’s right. Someone snatched him up, and at $7.99, who could blame them? I can imagine T.J. has now found a new home in a dusty curio cabinet somewhere, making friends with the Avon Wild Country Station Wagon Aftershave and the Avon Green Rhino Big Game Cologne. Thomas Jefferson, we hardly knew thee!

“Hey, man,” said the slightly disheveled young man who I’m pretty sure had been hitting the wacky weed as he looked over a pair of jeans. “You are going to sh#t when you see my back!”

“Why? What happened to your back?” asked his friend, a slightly older but similarly mannered young gentleman.

And then it happened. As I tried to keep my eyes on the prize (In this case, the capri pants), I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. The first young man, the one with the “bad back,” proceeded to TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT in the middle of the store so young man #2 could “see for himself” what was wrong with his back.

“Aww, man, who did that?” asked young man #2, the gawker.

“My roommates,” said young man #1, the shirtless gawkee.

“How’d they do that?” Do I even want to know? I thought. But yes, my curiosity had now taken over.

“Hot pennies.” Hot pennies. Of course.

Needless to say, witnessing this young, wayward soul’s scars of torture put a BIT of a damper on this week’s Goodwill trip. I really hope he can find some new roommates!

Thriftilicious Site of the Week
I thought that instead of me just bragging about all my great finds at my local thrift store, I should actually help YOU, my loyal readers, save a buck or two as well. So, behold, my first Thriftilicious Site of the Week:

Check back often with this site for clothes, books, and toys for your kiddlings. They offer discount prices, including some clearance prices, and have a much better selection on toys than the Toys R Us clearance, which always seems to feature those gotta-have toys like the Crazy Frog (this thing really freaks me out), or every variety of Speed Stacks known to man. Kid Surplus has a load of educational and quality timeless toys and games for kids of all ages, including those from Melissa & Doug, Eeboo, and Brio.

And if you’re like me and were blessed with a kid with EXTREMELY WIDE FEET, you’ll love their selection of discounted Stride-Rite shoes! Size 9XXW never felt so good–on the pocketbook!

So there you have it–Thriftilicious Thursday, the Sequel. Feel free to post a comment with your Thriftilicious Find or Tip of the Day!

Until next week, stay tuned…and stay cheap!

8 thoughts on “Thriftilicious Thursday–The Sequel”

  1. If you think hot pennies can cause damage, you should see what ice cold dimes can do.

  2. Sooo…was her asleep when they did that, or did he allow them to do it?!? Did you ask him?

  3. I have had a ton of typos all week in my comments! Sorry!! Should have been was HE asleep, not her. Although maybe that is how someone would talk who gets burned on their back with pennies. I was just trying to get into character.

  4. Okay, you caught me. I drove all the way from Ohio to Iowa so that I could by the TJ colonge. (Did I just give out too much information on my location?) Also, I think we should all be greatful that the hot pennies were limited to the person’s back.

    And don’t they have hot rock massages at spas and stuff? They could have been just trying to recreate that with pennies. So let’s not judge the hot penny burning, pot smoking youth of America. Let’s give them a break.

  5. omg, lol @ dr. sprinkler…you’re right…we’re way too hard on the entitled, young, “watch my self esteem” of the world.

  6. Dr. Sprinkler, I can smell you from here. And for some reason it’s making me think of our Founding Fathers…

  7. I took a stroll down to the local Goodwill to check it out, this was of course after I flunked my MN drivers test for the 2nd time in a row! I are smart!

  8. dr sprinkler, I hope you and T.J. have a long and fulfilling life together!

    dmvflunkee, seriously! You flunked again? Are they going to let you try for a third time? I bet Rochester has good public transportation…

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