Trade ya!

Boy #2 stumbled into our room at 4:20 this morning, complaining of a “really bad dream.”

After fetching him a glass of water, which always seems to make it better, he shared part of his dream.

His cousin was at our house, and when she opened her mouth, he saw there was a little green man sailing a boat on her tongue.

AND one of Boy #1’s friends was over also. Boy #2 asked him what his name was, and Boy #1 said, “Look at his hair.” The friend’s hair “came to life” and spelled out his name, which was James. (Yeah, no clue who “James” is, by the way)

I thought about how clever these dreams were. They were like something that you’d see in the latest fantasy movie…kind of like “Harry Potter” meets “The Spiderwick Chronicles.”

Then I thought about the dream I’d just had.

Wanna know what happened in my dream?

My fuzzy slippers had lice.


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