Up All Night (Sleep All Day)

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To quote the iconic 80s hair band, Slaughter, it looks like it’s going to be “Up All Night (Sleep All Day)” for me.

Well, without that “Sleep All Day” part in parentheses.

Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

I’m feeling waaaaay behind. I mean, you leave for 3 days to a weekend away from screaming children weekend to preserve your precious children’s memories in scrapbooks, and you come back and realize you’ve got about 3 weeks worth of catching up to do!

First of all, there’s my REAL LIFE. Let’s see, washing machine #2 has now died. (Yes, we had two washers die within a week of each other. We seem to have the Curse of the Disgruntled Maytag Repairman.) So this means not only will we be turning our underwear inside out getting “creative” with our clothing choices until we get a new washer, but I also have to make the time to FIND and PURCHASE the new washer. And get it home. Oh, and find a way to pay for it too. There’s always that.

Then there’s Halloween. Did everyone know that it’s coming up at the end of the week? Well, it is. I know. I was surprised too. Do we have costumes ready, or even chosen? Nope. Candy bought? Nope. Not to mention the fact that since we’re “doing Dave” I’d like the costumes to cost the big ol’ ZILCH. Easier said than done. Funny, Boy #2 doesn’t really want to be a Boobah again at age 6… Apparently, a furry hot pink creature whose head disturbingly resembles part of the male genitalia and who only says phrases such as “Weeeeee! Zonk.” isn’t too cool when you’re six-and-a-half. Who knew?

Now throw in the following tasks, which I will also be doing this week:

  • Finishing a freelance project, for which I need about 5+ hours of work time (And yes, instead of working on it right now, I’m writing this post…)
  • Cleaning doggie deposits off the carpet (This has become a given.)
  • Buying dog food for said dog (Tonight he got a hot dog that looked like it had been in the fridge for a bit too long. Yum! Maybe that explains the doggie deposits…)
  • Posting items to sell on craigslist so we can fund our “emergency fund” for FPU (Baby Step #1 to Financial Freedom) since we have already encountered the “washer emergency”
  • Creating our November budget. That sounds like a fun Friday night date just waiting to happen!
  • Cleaning the kids’ rooms so they can all three do the bedroom switcheroo. I think it may be easier to just burn off that part of the house and start over…

Okay, and that’s just my “real life.” Now, I have to tell you that there’s puh-lenty I am behind on in my “internets life” as well. For instance:

  • I missed my little friend Brenna’s 4th birthday! I swear she grew up overnight! Happy Birthday, Little Miss IowaGeek!
  • I have 219 posts impatiently drumming their fingers at me in my Google Reader.
  • Perhaps most importantly—I missed the start of the Fall Quarterly Bloggy Carnival! Yeah, I may have to take off the entire week just to enter all the awesome giveaways! Check them out—but I warn you, they will take over your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, yeah, and in addition to all this stuff on my “to do” list, I’ve also got to actually work this week. You know, at my job. Where they pay me. AND take care of three boys. Better not forget that.


Cue Slaughter.

“Up all night, sleep all day…”


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