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Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains logoOkay, I don’t usually do this kind of thing on my blog, but I figured, hey, it’s my blog, I get to do whatever I want, right? That’s what I thought.

Well, I was just so impressed with what a group of kids is doing that I had to share with you all. (And beg for votes on their behalf.) A friend of mine from high school sent out an email explaining a contest one of her sons (and his group) is a finalist in. It’s called Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains. First of all, how awesome is it to be a finalist in a contest like “Battle of the Brains”?! The only contest I would likely find myself a finalist in is “Battle of the Trashiest Van” or “How High Can You Pile YOUR Laundry?” (And I’m pretty sure I could rock BOTH those contests, thank you very much.)

For this contest, the kids were supposed to create a proposal for the next exhibit at Kansas City’s Science City museum. Their entry, City Imagineerium, was chosen as one of 20 finalists from 560. Not too shabby! And looking over their proposal, I was impressed. Even though I am not a math and science geek, I AM married to one, and I also apparently gave birth to three other geeklings as well. I love that these kids are so interested in engineering and learning how buildings and cities work. Someday these kids will be planning our cities and designing our skyscrapers; if they want to get a head start on it, I say go for it! And I LOVE that imagination is emphasized along with science, math, technology and engineering. Sometimes schools get so bogged down in the concreteness of math and science that they forget to remind kids that without imagination and the willingness to dream and “think outside the bubble sheet,” none of these theories and principles would have been discovered. After being married to my math teacher hubby for so long, I’ve learned that math is really a creative and even beautiful discipline. (Just don’t ask me to divide fractions, please.)

One other thing that impressed me about my friend’s son’s group is that his is the only science CLUB represented. He is home-schooled and joined the LEARN Science & Math Club this year. The other entries all represent high schools or school districts. With that comes the power of the PTA and district media to spread the word. Being just a club with a handful of kids, LEARN is in some ways, the underdog. And I always love me a good underdog.

LEARN Science & Math Club's Battle of the Brains team
Battle of the Brains team from LEARN Science & Math Club

So if you have a free minute, head over to the Battle of the Brains website and check out the proposal. And if you’d like, go ahead and give them your vote. You can vote once per day until Nov. 18. I know they’d really appreciate it!

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