Weapons of Mass Destruction

“We’re playing war, Mommy.”

How it warms a mother’s heart to hear those words come out of her child’s mouth.

Especially when that mother notices that her child is using a fuzzy teddy bear blanket to try to conceal something—and she sees that it is an aluminum baseball bat.

“But it’s my weapon!” the 7-year-old protests as that mother orders him to march down the stairs and put the bat back in the kitchen garage where it belongs.

And how that same mother squeals in delight later when she comes downstairs to find her 4-year-old in the living room swinging his “weapon” around his head.

And that weapon is a toilet brush.

And that mother has to close her eyes so she doesn’t become blinded by the residual toxic toilet bowl cleaner that was resting in the bottom of the toilet brush holder and has now been released into the air by a whirling brush at the hands of a war-happy preschooler.

All the while the mother is screaming, “Drop the brush! DROP THE BRUSH!”

And that mother collapses into bed at night wondering at just what point she lost control.

And what it would take for someone in her house to actually use that brush for good instead of evil.


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