Welcome to the Jungle

Why having an 11-year-old boy is helpful . . .
He can mow the lawn so Mom and Dad don’t have to!

Why having an 11-year-old boy is NOT helpful . . .
He may take it upon himself to add gasoline (which it doesn’t need) to the mower—in the OIL tank.

Needless to say, the grass did NOT get mowed again today, as was planned.

Photo by mamavenezia

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. oh no…well..he learned a valuable lesson about the workings of a lawn mower. We had the 14 year old boy mow the lawn last week…it was good, except he used twice as much gas because he mowed so slowly. lol.

  2. Oh man…that stinks. That is one reason Hunter is not allowed to touch the lawn mower. He would totally do this too.

  3. The real question is, was he just in error, or was this the passive-aggressive snot solution to the problem?

    Cause if it were one of mine, I wouldn't put it past them.

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