What Do Bark Collars, Rope, and Magnum P.I. All Have in Common?

Did you know…

That it’s really hard to concentrate while working at home when…

  • I’m surrounded in my office by various mail and papers that need filing or recycled, a book that my new friend the Jehovah’s Witness brought me that I’ve been meaning to read so I can actually carry on a discussion with him next time he visits (which will make visit #4), and three yards of yellow rope lying by my feet that for some reason my oldest son “had to have” the last time we were at Home Depot.
  • I can look out the windows to the left and see the beautiful almost-fall day…AND the weeds that are now knee-high amid the grass that is STILL waiting to be mowed (see my post about Labor Day weekend).
  • I can look into the kitchen to the right and see my kitchen…Well, I THINK it’s my kitchen underneath the piles of dirty dishes, cereal boxes, and McDonald’s sacks and cups (it’s been one of those weeks).
  • My dog keeps BARKING, BARKING, BARKING, BARKING! (Honestly, I’m going to take a noon trip to the local PetSmart for a bark collar. Any recommendations?)
  • As I attempt to concentrate on my work, I find myself instead listening to the authoritative yet sexy-in-an-80s-kind-of-way voice of Magnum, P.I. playing in the background. (Boy #3 is home sick today and for some strange reason he’s hooked on Magnum.)

I’m not going to get ANYTHING done today, am I?


And to thinkโ€”I could’ve gone into work today, where I could have participated in a fun service project this afternoon (and gotten paid for it!) AND gone out for drinks, courtesy of the president of our company who NEVER offers this, afterwards…

Oh, this is SO much better.

P.S. As I’m writing this, Magnum is getting REALLY mad at Betty. He wants to go out to lunch with Russell’s attorney and have him sign some papers. Betty wants to go with him, but she wasn’t any help to Magnum YESTERDAY when she followed him around. Ooh, this is getting good…


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