What I Got Instead of a New Kitchen Table

For those of you who live nearby and thought that we dodged that snowstorm (Up to 8 inches! Strong winds! Blowing and drifting!) on Sunday through either luck, meteorological error, or maybe even the pity of Mother Nature herself—I’ve got news for you.

You have my husband to thank.

Because we now have one of these in our garage.

After 15 winters together, shoveling, getting stuck in the driveway, and nursing sore shoulders, Husband decided that enough was enough. This was after he he got home at 1:00 AM Saturday morning after hanging out with friends after the state wrestling tournament, pulled into the driveway—and got hung up on the snow at the end of the driveway so thoughtfully piled there by a passing snowplow. I had been asleep for about 2 hours when he came into the bedroom, flipped on the light, and announced that I’d have to help dig him out. My eyes popped open as suddenly I had flashbacks from my childhood, although instead of sitting in a car, flooring the gas as Husband pushes until his veins pop out of his temples, I was standing in the middle of a gravel road in my nightgown yelling “Hyaah!” at cows as they attempted to trample me.

So after the dead-of-night driveway fiasco that ended with Husband using the minivan to push his car into the street, he announced he’d had enough. So off to Menards we went—and were told that they were sold out. So off to Home Depot we went—and stood admiring all the patio sets, grills, and lawnmowers that were on display while we searched for anything that would tackle our Winter Olympics-sized piles of snow. (I’m not sure who is buying these lawnmowers and patio sets yet considering we probably won’t see a blade of grass until at least April—and I don’t think anyone’s saying, “You know what would make this winter even better? If I could just sit and enjoy the neverending snow and below-zero temperatures while kicking back on the deck.”)

As luck would have it, we snagged the last snowblower in our city, one that had been put back for a woman who was supposed to pick it up an hour earlier. You snooze, you lose!

And as we were driving home, Husband said, “You know what’s gonna happen now that we bought this? It won’t snow again this winter.” So far, he’s been right. We managed to avoid an impending snowstorm the next day, and we have yet to see any measurable snowfall since. Which is okay with me. If that’s all it takes for this awful winter to be over, we’ll make the sacrifice.

However, since we spend the money on a snowblower, we won’t have money to buy a kitchen table. (Yes, we’re still using the leaning crap craft table.) So I’m thinking… if we can lower the handle on the snowblower, maybe we can cover it with a glass tabletop and bring it into the kitchen…

What do ya think?

Snowblower from Yard Machine. Table from Pottery Barn. No one paid me or gave me anything free to use these. Although I’d totally take the table.
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